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Georgia Boy, 5, Shot His 12-Year-Old Brother To Death


A 5-year-old kid shot his 12-year-old sibling with a firearm he found in the forested areas throughout the end of the week, as per officials in Georgia.


Griffin police found the 12-year-old undergoing gunfire shot to the chest on Saturday evening, the division said in an announcement. People on call did mouth to mouth, and the kid was taken to an emergency clinic where he later passed on.

The victim and his kin, ages 5 and 7, were in the forested areas when the 5-year-old found the weapon, as per the announcement. Officials addressed the kid and decided he thought it was a toy when he fired it, striking his sibling.

Officials had looked through a region close to where the weapon was discovered before Saturday after speculates fled a traffic stop close by, police said. A sack of suspected narcotics was found, yet no firearm was found at that point.

Officials Consider It As A Tragic Accident

In their announcement Sunday, Griffin police said the shooting was likely a “shocking mishap,” and officials would now explore who disposed of the weapon.

“We will persistently seek after and charge some other groups answerable for the activities paving the way to the obvious surrender of this weapon, taking into consideration access by these innocent kids,” authorities said.

The firearm was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for an examination, officials included.

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