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California Man Escapes Charges After He Went Shopping In KKK Hood


The California man who went shopping for food wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood a week ago said he didn’t intend to make “a racial articulation” and won’t deal with charges, police said Monday.

The Man Will Not Face Any Charges

The hooded creep was spotted meandering the passageways of a Vons grocery store in Santee on May 2, a day after San Diego inhabitants were required to wear face covers openly in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The man expressed disappointment with the coronavirus and having individuals mention to him what he may or may not be able to,” the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said in an announcement to NBC News.

The Man Got Trolled And Outraged On Social Media

“He told that wearing the hood was not expected to be a racial articulation. In outline, he stated, ‘It was a cover, and it was dumb.'”

The man’s getup outrage shock via social media and from authorities in the city of very nearly 60,000 residents.

In any case, the US lawyer’s office and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office examined and didn’t discover enough proof to charge the man, who wasn’t recognized by cops.

“This episode should fill in as an update for anybody thinking about wearing or showing things so firmly connected with hate and human enduring that our general public doesn’t hold in high respect the individuals who do as such,” the sheriff’s said in the announcement.

“Santee is a city of families, and the network is legitimately appalled at this current man’s contemptible behavior,” it included. “The Sheriff’s Department completely explores occurrences, for example, these and will consider the individuals who disregard the law responsible.”

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