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Ju-On Origins: The Complete Story Timeline Of The Show Explained


Ju-on and Grudge are indeed one of the most horrifying movies you will ever see, and the substantial part of the movie e is in following the timeline. The movie is so brilliantly designed that it is of paramount importance to follow the timeline as the story is linked, and if you miss on these timelines, then the chances are very likely that you will not get the essence.

The Japanese film is so well crafted that despite releasing several movies on the same lines, friends are not bored with it. Now that Netflix has put its hand in it, the new series is expected to Unleash several hidden elements from the original Grudge movie. Hair, we will try to explore the intricacies by going into the details of the timeline and see how they are interconnected.


Ju-On: Origins Review: Gets tangled in its own curse.

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The movie is premised on extraordinary situations where a person has to undergo deep mental and physical abuse, which leads to death. In the new Netflix series, the storyline is revolving around a woman who was held captive by a man and sexually abused. She was constantly tortured, and she even got pregnant, but somehow the lady dies, and people thought his baby also died with him. But in reality, things are different, and she gave birth to a child. This is how the premise is set.


Yasuo Odajima is interested in paranormal activities, and he happens to get the position of this house, which was Cursed. He moves into the house with his family, but things went the other way, and all his family members start going away. His sister is held captive by the ghost while his father passes away. Hair, the real story begins with the confusion of why Yasuo was left.


This time the series is centralized around Haruka Honjo, who became the next intent Into The Ghost House. She also witnessed paranormal activities which hi records. Again the same pattern is followed when kiomi, a young girl  I was sexually abused and thus became the Prey for the ghost.


Kiyomi marries Katsuji, and the most exciting part is they are equally weird and detrimental towards each other. At first, it was Kiyomi who was infected, but later on, she also brought her husband into this, and the extent of absurdity increases. This seems to be mad at each other, and the worst affected of this unruly behavior is their child. Does the child become the one who was going to become the next Prey of the ghost?


This year was the worst, as kiomi has to take some extreme measures to save her family. To be precise on the extreme measures, she has to kill her husband to save her child and herself. But this does not seem to have a long-lasting effect on herself as she is still in the grip of the ghost.


Tomoko, a new lady, is the new owner of Cursed house, and on top of it, she is pregnant too. So this suffices to prove that things are going to get abnormal with her also. Haruka tries a lot to end things, but eventually, the audience comes to know that discussion has a non-ending effect, and it is never going to be uprooted completely.

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