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GTA: 5 Most Loved Characters Of All Parts


Some games take Momentum for a while, and then they are gone, but there are certain games that are more of emotions, and one of them is the Grand Theft Auto. One of the most pertinent reasons for its success from the last two decades is the fact that the game has evolved and incorporated brilliant characters in its storyline.

Apart from an excellent interface and gameplay, there are brilliant characters to which complements the overall experience of the game. There can’t be a more popular game in terms of character than the Grand Theft Auto or short the GTA. There can be favorites depending on your choice, but we would like to mention a few characters whom we believe have every reason to be in your favorites.

The most loved characters of the Grand Theft Auto

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 Ken Rosenberg

The character was introduced in GTA Vice City, and since then, it has grabbed the attention of almost all The Gamers because of its lunatic character. He is a lawyer who is not only corrupt but also an ambulance Chaser, whom fans have love right from the beginning. He works with Tommy Vercetti and has eventually developed its character as someone who is always fearful of getting busted and doing all the illegal work alongside. And on top of everything, he is also famous for his habit of substance abuse.


Although the character was introduced in the fifth edition of the game, his presence was noticed right from the third edition. This man is a bunch of all the bad habits. If there is one thing directly, if he ever does is non-existent as he is an alcoholic, a womanizer, a careless man, and whatnot. Despite all the wrongs being done by him, The Gamers have noticed that in the 5th edition of the game, he was given the work of co-hosting a radio show. Now fans are excited to know his role in the 6th edition of the game, but we have to wait for it.

 Salvatore Leone

He is the master of all and has been introduced in the 3rd edition of the game. In short, we can say that he is the pivot around which all the mishappenings happens. Sohit character it’s instrumental, and it will be an excellent opportunity to see him in the 6th edition of the game too. He was also part of GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Liberty City Stories.

 The truth

All the games are still oblivious to his original name, but this man is a rockstar for sure. And usually, friends do not know Rock stars with their original name. So this is something which made the character famous among the fans who live in a Motel in San Andreas. So if you are a fan of some witty lines, then you must be a fan of the truth.

Trevor Philips

Bank robber and a drug dealer with Legacy and mind it his Legacy is unbeaten in all the five editions of the game so far. No wonder he is one of the most liked characters of all.

He stands for some terrible stuff, which includes inflicting a sense of terror into the minds of the people of the GTA world.

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