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Midnight Sun: New Twilight Book, Every Details Here


Twelve years after Stephenie Meyer racked her faction most loved romantic vampire series, “Sundown,” its adventure is seeing another sunrise.

A New Twilight Book

Dusk writer Stephenie Meyer declared the arrival of a buddy novel to her super famous vampire book series. The new book, Midnight Sun, will be launched on Aug. 4 and will reflect the occasions of the first portion in the epic love adventure, however, told from the viewpoint of the male hero, Edward Cullen.

Twilight' book 'Midnight Sun' coming Aug. 4 from Stephenie Meyer

Source: AZCentral.com

“It’s a crazy time at this moment, and I didn’t know whether this was the correct time to put this book out. However, some of you have been hanging tight for just along these lines, so since quite a while ago,” said Meyers during a section on Monday’s scene of Good Morning America. “It didn’t appear to be reasonable for making you stand by any longer. Sorry about the terrible planning. Ideally, this book can be an interruption from this present reality. I’m so eager to, at last, have the option to impart it to you.”

A week ago, the “Sundown” fan base was touched off by a commencement clock on Meyer’s site, which was set to Monday. That is the point at which the creator declared the news in a pre-recorded part for “Good Morning America.”

“It’s a crazy time at present,” she stated, alluding to the coronavirus pandemic, “and I didn’t know it was the perfect time to put this book out, yet some of you have been sitting tight for just not terrible, but not great either long. It didn’t appear to be all in all correct to make you stand by any longer.”

Meyer initially put her series on inconclusive hold in 2008 after parts from what might become “12 PM Sun” released on the web. She quit composing it and posted an incomplete draft on her site.

Fans who saw the start on her site were confident that it signified “noon Sun” would, at last, be finished — rather than her different works, for example, “The Host” and “Austenland.”

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