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On My Block Season 4: What’s The Arrival Date, Cast Details And The Thrilling Plot For This Comedy Series


The third season has hit the screens on 11th March, and now fans are up in arms to know the details of the future of the series. There are tons of rumors doing the rounds on the internet regarding the renewal of the series. This is something that is going to be the most talked topic since the series has made it to the top ten on Netflix since the time of its inception on the streaming platform. The recent conclusion of the third season has left the fans wondering if there is going to be a renewal or not, as many shows get canceled despite their performance in the last season.

When is the fourth season going to be released?

As of now, there isn’t much that has come out from the production team or Netflix itself. The series has shown that the end of the third season does indicate a renewal, but an official word is always welcomed as it gives a sense of certainty to the fans. The time Netflix takes to renew the series has a lot to do with its performance. The usual time range from a month to years in some cases, but don’t worry, and this series has proved its worth by entering the top ten of the streaming platform.

On My Block Season 4

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So if we take the standard renewal time, it takes almost a year-long time, and we can expect the series to be aired for the fourth season in March 2021. Although the recent pandemic has altered the entire schedule of filming and other processes, so this time, the wait can be a bit longer. Once things go back to normal, the decision in this regard will be made for sure, and we will update you with the exact dates of renewal.

Who is going to be in the cast of On my block fourth season?

Since the series has recently aired its third season, we don’t know much about the details on the cast. The series is expected to have the same cast as the end of the third season doesn’t give us substantial reasons for any major alteration in the cast. The cast for the fourth season is expected to have

  • Cesar (Diego Tinoco)
  • Spooky (Julio Macias)
  • Mouse (Sierra Capri)
  • Jamal (Brett Gray)
  • Ruby (Jason Genao)
  • Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia)

Once the official cast lineup comes to us, we will keep you update. Just watch this space.

What’s going to happen in the fourth season of On my block?

The third season did shake everyone’s mind, and now the show has multiple directions to charter new territories. Nothing can be said for sure about the possible storyline, and there is a hell of uncertainties that has gripped this season. The first two seasons somehow towed a similar pattern, but this season, the producers seem to take an entirely different approach, which the fans liked for sure. Once anything substantial comes to us, we will keep you posted.

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