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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Season 2? Netflix Arrival Updates And Other Latest News


The original Gilmore Girls show wrapped up a decade back, and then there was a ray of hope when Netflix took up the show and aired the first season of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life in 2015. Since then, half a decade has already passed, and fans are still waiting to see the mom and daughter duo who blew away the minds of fans. The series is centralized around the characters of Lorelai, and the role played by Lauren Graham and Rory, whose role was played by Alexis Bledel.

Is the series up for renewal?

Well, frankly speaking, the chances are rare that the series will be renewed as there is no attempt by the production team. The renewal is not even in their list as of now, and also if it were, it wouldn’t have been possible to have the series renewed at this point. There is already a considerable number of series to be renewed, and the new set of events across the globe has minimized it even further. The situation is adverse, and all of us are locked in our homes.

Gilmore Girls

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Almost all the filming work has stopped, few movies and series which were to be released have been released either online or postponed. These are extraordinary times, so the delay with the most-watched show couldn’t be averted, so any chance of having a second season at this point or even in the near future seems to be impossible. Although the series had a considerable fan base back then when it stopped airing in 2007, the reboot of GilmoreGirls: A Year In The Life couldn’t give it life.

So the chances of a second season are minimum. The showrunner also clarified at one point that the reboot wasn’t meant to give continuity, and this is something which adds even more weight to the fact that there isn’t going to be another season of the series. There are more facts to substantiate that the series won’t be renewed anytime soon. The name of the title says a lot about the nature of the show, Gilmore Girls: “A Year In The Life”…so A year in the life meant that the series would be showing the story of one year and this is what has been conveyed by not renewing the series any further.

But the recent turn of events in 2017 does indicate that there could be a possibility of revival when she signed a deal with Amazon. At that time, there were talks about the discussions going on regarding the renewal of the series, but the discussions seem to be endless, even in 2020. So the chances are still there, but you know it well when discussions become infinite, then result seems to be impossible, and this what seems to have happened to the show. The endless discussions have put the show into an infinite loop. But even the showrunner is optimistic, so should you, if you are eagerly waiting for the renewal.

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