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Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Sheldon Was Extremely Mean To Leonard


Leonard and Sheldon, the best character to have defined what friendship means and how these nerd characters attracted the global audience. Big Bang Theory needs no introduction as the name of the series itself is sufficient for anybody to assess the extent to which it was popular among the fans. The series has showcased ultimate humor coupled with the stupidity, which is at the core of every friendship. And being mean doesn’t imply in the literal sense, and you are not real friends if you haven’t been mean to your friend ever.

Although the case is different from Big Bang Theory where at times, Sheldon went over the top and was way too mean to Leonard, so let’s explore those moments.

The top five times where Sheldon was way too mean to Leonard

  • The fourth season reminds us of the time when Sheldon changed the room temperature, and the extent of calm and patience he showed was extraordinary. Only a person like Leonard would have been able to show such an attitude to the act of Sheldon. These were the true moments when their friendship strengthened.
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  • The other defining moment came when Sheldon decided to part ways and went to the train station as if he was leaving the place. And then he went on to convince Sheldon to return as he wasn’t a grown-up man as Leonard believed. But even in these times, Leonard was mean, and he let Sheldon go. So this is noteworthy in their friendship as they did test each other’s emotion but never let things go out of bounds or do anything irreversible.
  • The worst came when Sheldon took away the credit for Leonard’s efforts. Leonard did all the research and calculations, but Sheldon took away the credit for his work. And this is seriously mean, how could you do this to your friends who also happens to be your best friend. These moments crafted their friendship, which all of us saw in the whole course of the journey of the big bang theory.
  • Sheldon was a constant bully, and he left no chance to take a dig at Leonard. At times he went to such an extent that had there been any other person than Leonard, he would have killed Sheldon. Once Sheldon called Leonard’s mother when he was fighting with his girlfriend Penny. Such was the extent of stupidity Leonard had to bear with.
  • In the first season, things went out of hand when a joint research paper was to be published by Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon, as usual, went the way he always goes, he refused to go to the conference as he felt that the conference wasn’t at par with his level of intellect. In this case, Leonard was deeply disappointed with Sheldon.
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But this doesn’t mean he was mean to him all the time, and these were the times which strengthened their friendship, and this is something which defined the series.

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