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Stranger Things, Grey’s Anatomy And Euphoria Stop Production Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

by Albert Luke Walker

With closed supermarkets, vacant streets, crashing markets, disrupted global trade, the world has come to a ghostly halt, and there is no industry that has escaped the effect of COVID-19. The whole world has come crashing down after the attack of a virus, this is a warning call from nature, as this time it has proved that we don’t need a trillion-dollar size economy or worlds’ most sophisticated weapon line to destroy the world, a mere virus which is not even visible with naked eyes has the potential to destroy the planet.

Every government is doing its best to ensure minimize the impact of this pandemics (after WHOs declaration ), which has rattled the whole world and crushed globalisation, which was held to be the key driver for the advancement of the 21st century. But there is a silver lining to this catastrophe, and finally, the overtly divided world has united, leaving aside all the animosity, biases, and geo-strategic interests. Finally, humans have decided to show some human traits by caring for their fellow human beings irrespective of their gender, race, nationality, or any other barrier which has kept us away so far.

How did the entertainment industry respond?

Well, the entertainment industry has responded swiftly and left all the commercial interests aside, and they are all up in arms to help combat the world with this deadly virus, which has engulfed the whole world. The attempts were already in their way, but the recent news regarding Tom Hanks and his wife Rita William’s has raised the consciousness levels. The sporadic spread of the virus and the extent to which it has spread has alarmed the entertainment industry to halt their operations immediately.

There is a swift action from all the major production houses, and this has to lead to a break on most of the shows, and this was the wisest decision that could have been taken at this point. If we follow the recent trends, the COVID-19 has gripped the head of states, movie stars, politicians. The virus hasn’t spared anyone, and this has made it mandatory on the part of the entertainment to leave everything aside and focus on their civic responsibility. And to complement their efforts, they have halted most of the renowned TV series and movies.

Which TV series has halted the production amid the spread of COVID-19?

Stranger Things– one of the most-watched series on Netflix has to halt the production process. And the fans were elated to see the gesture as the production team cared more about the society and the crew than sticking to a deadline amid the rising crisis.

Greys Anatomy- The production team, acted swiftly and halted the production process as they were in no mood to take any risk at all with COVID-19.

Euphoria- The production team has delayed the production as any risk at this time can put several lives in jeopardy. And no sensible production team will do anything of this sort.

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