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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson: Here’s An Update On Their Health Conditions

by Albert Luke Walker

The spread of COVID-19 has affected almost all the sections of the society, and there isn’t a society in the world that can claim itself to have isolated themselves. Doctors, Engineers, Actors, Politicians, and you name it, and not one profession has been left out of this catastrophe. Everyone is worried who will be the next as the name COVID-19 itself has instilled a hell lot of fear in our hearts. Governments across the globe have locked down their countries, and almost the whole world has stopped functioning, and there is nothing we can do about this.

Recent positive tests of Brazilian President, British Health Minister, Canadian PMs Wife, and the list goes on and on. This has alarmed the global citizens, and now everyone is talking precautionary measures to take care of themselves and to avoid anything which can lead to COVID-19 spread. There are several measures taken by the governments from restricting entry to their countries from assemblies, over-pricing of essential commodities.

 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

Source: Hello Magazine

Recently the news broke regarding the positive test of Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson has taken the fans by nerve, and this has raised concerns about their present health condition. In a recent tweet, he thanked the fans and updated about their health conditions.

Fans across the globe were concerned about the health of the couples who were recently tested positive for coronavirus. This has sent chills down our spines as it raised concern about a commoners condition when celebrities aren’t immune from the virus. He expressed satisfaction with the health care being provided in Australia.

He also wrote that they are in isolation so that they don’t end up spreading it to others. There is a growing concern as the virus spreads fast, and once it gets into a human body, chances of spreading to anyone who is in contact with the affected person rises exponentially.

He also stressed following the advice of experts and not take chances as the vaccine and cure are still in the research stage, and prevention is the only cure as of now. Many governments and private companies are working day and night to find a cure for the virus. Till the time a proper cure isn’t available, it is highly advised to take care of yourselves, and this is what he has expressed through his message to fans.

He also clarified that the couple would remain in quarantine till the time the authorities don’t clear them, and they are no longer a risk to the masses. This is a welcome step by a celeb like Tom Hanks, who has stressed so much on cooperating with the authorities till the time this catastrophe is over. It is the time for the world to cooperate and leave everything aside as the virus has impacted over 100000 people across the globe (as per WHOs reports on COVID-19).

Even we will appeal to remain at home and avoid crowded spaces. And if you feel any symptoms of the coronavirus, immediately approach the healthcare experts and keep yourself isolated.

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