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Teach your dogs these basic cues and see how remarkably they respond

by Ethan more
Teach your dogs

To start on the right track with your puppy, you must know what you may expect from your furry family member. If you desire to give them a sense of security and increase their ability to meet the desired goals, you have to be patient. The very foundation of training must be positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is rewarding the pup or encouraging a particular behavior. For example, when they get your required items when you instruct them, you can reward them for accomplishing the task.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for engaging in professional training because they have different strategies to bring about positive behavioral changes in your puppy. The idea is to appreciate their behavior but not to bribe them. Hence, you are training to develop positive behavior in the long run. It would help if you abstained from punishment like yelling or leash corrections because they will become unsure and confused regarding what you expect from them. 

1. How will you teach your dog to come when instructed? 

If you want to start training the dog, they are a few areas you must explore. Remember that the training must begin indoors and in a quiet neighborhood. For this, you have to follow the below-given points: 

• Sit with a puppy and call out their name so that they familiarize themselves with their name. 

• Every time you say come, give them a treat. It will understand the connection between these two aspects. 

• Drop the treat near you on the floor. When the puppy finishes it, you can call out its name again. 

• Repeat this several times till you toss the treat further away. Please do not repeat the puppy’s name and see how they respond to a note down their behavior. 

• Once you see the puppy turning its face to look at you, you have to make the game fun. Toss the treat further away on the ground and take quick steps while calling their name. 

If you feel that you cannot do these, you can take the help of professionals who are good at it. They know how to catch their attention and treat them appropriately. Remember that they have different strategies to continue building positive behavior in your puppy. 

2. Treat loose leash movement to your pup

When the professionals engage in puppy training, their first target is moving. Puppy training is more relaxed and has goals associated with it. The trainers prefer different approaches to get it going effortlessly for treating loose leash movement. They use several cues and are consistent with them. You must navigate to get private dog training. Irrespective of how the puppy walks, the trainer uses various tools so that it does not confuse the puppy, and they learn to walk straight and not in a zigzag manner. 

First and foremost, the trainers use puppy treats because that is the best way to develop a relationship. By getting the puppy in a comfortable position, they try to establish contact with them. Apart from this, they also arrange several treats in a straight row so that it helps the puppy walk straight and encourages him to go for another treat. By continuing these strategies, they work on the puppy’s movement; that is how the behavior training of the pup continues. 

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