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Interested in Maltipoo puppies? Top 5 Things to Look For In a Breeder

by Radhe Gupta
maltipoo puppies

Finding the right puppy is about more than searching for scruffy faces. You want to make sure the breeders are ideal. It is important to consider the methods breeders use to care for puppies. How well they tend to the pups will influence your experience with the puppy when it comes time for adoption. 

Depending on the type of dog, breeding methods may differ. Cattle dogs are raised on farms alongside other animals, and this is very normal. Other times, puppies are kept in their own area of a home with the mother and breeder nearby. 

You already know a few standards of puppy breeding to look out for. You know to keep an eye out for food and water, and a safe environment. The remaining information you’ll need to determine standards will come from the maltipoo breeders. Be direct with your questions to verify that the puppy is ready for adoption. 

You can become familiar with elements to look out for with some effort! To make things easier, here are some additional things to consider as you visit different maltipoo breeders or buy online. To ensure that your puppy is healthy and happy, read on to learn the five things to look for in a breeder. 

1. Emotional Development Is Addressed

Positive outcomes occur when puppies are exposed to mild stressors for three minutes per day. This system activates the neurological system, which encourages emotional development, and strengthens the puppies’ stress tolerance. Ask your maltipoo breeders if they include neurostimulation. 

2. Socialization With Maltipoo Breeders

The puppies you’re considering for adoption should be properly socialized, in that they are around people and pets, and are also aware of other sounds and objects in the background, (i.e., a television, a tea kettle, etc.). 

These controlled settings help puppies adapt to their environment. Daily routines should also be part of the puppies’ day. Ask the maltipoo breeders what a typical day looks like for the maltipoo puppies. 

3. Attention And Love

You also want to make sure that the puppies are receiving enough attention and love both from the mother and the breeder. Affection and cuddling should be taking place daily for proper socialization and sense of safety that puppies need at this early stage. 

4. Puppy Health Is Managed 

Make sure that you have verification that the puppies have been dewormed periodically during their time with the breeder. Make sure you can have a physical copy of the paperwork so you can provide your vet with health records.

5. Take Home Packages

When you adopt a puppy, your maltipoo breeders should provide a care package that offers the paperwork and the supplies needed for the pup’s transition. You should receive dog food, treats, a blanket, and many other goodies.

The Bottom Line 

If you’re interested in adopting maltipoo puppies, consider the above information to feel confident with the breeder you work with. For the health of your pup, look for breeders that truly provide the care young pups need.

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