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Guide for Exporting Pets Out from Singapore – The Crucial Points to Consider

by Cameron James Connor
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Moving from one place to the other can bring significant challenges. When you are shifting to one more country, you have a lot to work on! However, it might become challenging for the pets to feel stressed at times. You will have to take care of several procedures and ensure that you familiarize yourself with them. 

Here you can opt-in for a pet relocation service as they can help you plan things out. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind. 

1. Know the import requirements of the destination country

Each destination country comes with its distinctive import needs for animals and pets designed to manage the biosecurity risks. Hence, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with all the import needs. Usually, it comprises laboratory tests, vaccinations, microchips, or the quarantine period for the animal relocation. You will have access to all these data from the significant government authority. 

2. Have access to export license

Once you leave a place, you need to apply for the export license within 30 days for the pet. The pass is valid for only 30 days. Therefore, you must apply correctly. The cost on average is $50 for the standard service and about $100 for express service. If you export the pet dog to another place, make sure to cancel the license the moment the pet leaves the country. To know more about it, you can select a pet export agent. It will enable you to streamline the process. 

3. Get a veterinary health certificate

As and when your destination dictates, you will have to consider the time and resources you need to get the pet for an examination by the vet. The countries with strict rules will want a health certificate endorsed by the official government veterinarian. It will either assume the form of the endorsement of importing the health certificate template of the country or issue the watermarked electronic veterinary health certificate. 

4.A total pre-export inspection

You can consider this step as a contingent on a pre-admission need of the country, which is your destination. Here five days before you depart the pet, you can start the process by booking your appointments. And as a rule, you need to get an inspection done at least four hours prior to the departure to ensure ample transport time to get your pet to the cargo for exportation. 

Last but not least, you need to make your arrangements with the ground management agent. It’s time for your pet to embark on a final procedure of getting exported from the concerned country. Here you have to update the airline brand to make the necessary arrangements using the ground handling agent before the departure. And before you hand over the pet to the ground handling agent, you need to make sure that they are accompanied by every crucial document required for entering the destination country. It can help to avert any stressful and pointless delays for the pet. 

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