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An Introduction To Services Offered By Online Artwork Management Platforms

by Ethan more
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The process of artwork management is no easy feat, and managing the process can be even more daunting. To help with that, there are a variety of services available for artists to use. You can sign up with a platform to access integrated cloud-based VAR (value-added-reseller) services and tools to manage your digital assets. 

Some companies will offer you free support in your artistic endeavors, as well as handle the submission of your work online. From design adaptation to color management and prepress, there is so much for you to explore with these services, Let’s take a better look at the services offered by these artwork management platforms:

. Design Adaptation

The first thing that you should have these platforms do is prepress your artwork. This means you can have custom colors and designs applied at the initial point of prepress rather than finishing with a traditional process. 

The benefit is that when you submit your work online, there won’t be any issues with colors bleeding through into other parts of the work. But, of course, you can always check over packaging artwork management here through online platforms

. 3-D renders

The second thing you should have these platforms do is make a 3-D render of your artwork for your website. This will help your clients and audience see what the design of your work will look like from different perspectives. This, in turn, helps you garner more business, and there’s no need for a physical sample to be made or shipped, thus removing any additional cost from the transaction process.

. Color Coding

This is another excellent service offered by these artwork management platforms to help improve the efficiency of your workflow. It will allow you to assign a color rating to each of your artwork files, giving you the option of indicating how easy or difficult it will be to work. This is beneficial as it provides insight into what the client is getting into and how long it will take them to complete their project.

. Invoicing

Another service that these artwork management platforms can offer for free is the ability for an invoice to be created and sent via e-mail for your clients and customers to pay for their services. This is beneficial because there’s no need for a payment link on your website, thus removing any additional cost from the transaction process.

. VAR and Services

VAR (value-added-reseller) services are necessary to help artists get their work online for sale. If you’re using cloud-based VAR services, they will handle all the submission forms and other work you need. They will also take the actual upload process and any changes made to your artwork when you submit it online. The main reason it’s so critical to use a service such as this is that it can save you quite a bit of money.

Color management is crucial for ensuring that the colors of your artwork look as spectacular as possible. It’s also essential to attract customers looking for a specific color scheme you have designed. So go on now and get started with your favorite artwork management platform. 

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