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Best 5 Board Games For Kids – 7 Years And Up

by Yash Ranjan
Best 5 Board Games For Kids 7 Years And Up

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With the advancement of technology, children’s interest in board games and outdoor games has waned. Furthermore, as parents, you are hesitant to send your children out while covid cases are still at their peak. Children frequently become bored and channel their pent-up energy into electronic games, television shows, and YouTube. But we have come up with a solution by bringing you the best board games for kids that will allow them to engage with the traditional touch of fun and brain-stimulating games to reduce technology stress from their brains and bodies. Board games are one entertaining medium for youngsters that also builds a solid core of critical abilities, analytical skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and more. 

10 Benefits Of Board Games For Kids

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Cooperation & Respect
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Expands Reflective Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Enhance Language Skills
  • Instill Value Of Teamwork
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Learn To Overcome Failures

Best 5 Board Games For Kids – 7 Years And Up 

1. Chess 

Chess ranks 1st on the list of the best board games for kids. There’s no introduction needed for this fun and intellectual game. The objective of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king through several intelligent moves. It is not a guessing game but a brain tonic for kids that stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. Parents need to introduce their children to this board game before introducing them to social media or YouTube. You can enroll your kids in online chess classes to expose kids to such a game that is fun and adds to the personal development of a child.


  1. This game is the king of all board games since it helps students enhance their thinking patterns, strategic thinking, analytical ability, visualizing skills, and boosts memory stimulation.
  2. Chess also teaches children life lessons. This board game is a depiction of life on board. It teaches children the value of making wise decisions in life, or else you lose. Moreover, it also instills the skill of problem-solving in kids. 

2. Scrabble

It is a fantastic board game that comes 2nd on the list of the best board games for kids. It’s a fun and competitive board game for youngsters to enjoy with family or friends. Scrabble players get points by forming words of letter tiles and arranging them on a grid. There are 100 letter tiles, each with a different point value, and only one letter tile can fit in a grid square. So, if you want to involve your children in an educational board game that will keep them creatively and intellectually engaged, scrabble is an excellent choice.


  1. Scrabble is one of the best board games and even the most preferable indoor games by parents. It encourages kids to expand their vocabulary, reading skills, spelling, and overall confidence.
  2. It creates good social bonds, keeps the brain active, stimulates memory, enhances concentration skills, creativity, and more.  

3. Mastermind

The Mastermind board game comes in 3rd place on our list of the best board games for kids. It’s a game in which you use the 80 pegs provided to create a specific mystery code. The goal is to let your partner crack the code or guess for as long as possible. The decoder’s purpose is to crack the mystery code in a few guesses. You are given several color peg codes, and a coder can construct any pattern that does not include two or more pegs of the same color. Once the code is configured, the decoder can start guessing, attempting to match the exact positions of the hidden color Code pegs.


  1. This game is a lot of fun, and it will help kids improve their problem-solving abilities, spatial reasoning abilities, logical reasoning, strategic thinking, and creative thinking.
  2. This game improves social connection and overall brain development, and it can even help kids with math. It helps children memorize various algorithms and patterns, which will aid them in their math studies.

4. Checkers

The Checkers board game comes in 4rth place on our list of the best board games for kids. This board game is made up of two alternating squares and a grid of 10*10 squares. Only the dark squares on the board are occupied by the pieces. To begin the game, each player receives 20 game pieces. Each player must transfer their game pieces to an unoccupied diagonally neighboring square. So, if a player moves and jumps over an opponent’s piece, he or she will capture that piece. Also, that piece will be eliminated in the end. 


  1. It’s a fun board game that will help kids improve their problem-solving abilities, motor skills, and mental clarity.
  2. It also improves strategic thinking and creativity skills in kids.

5. Monopoly

The Monopoly board game comes in third place on our list of the best board games for kids. Monopoly is a famous real estate board game for 2 to 8 players. Players purchase and develop real estate, and the player with the highest money in the end wins. The game is essentially an explanation of economics or capitalism. It’s a family board game in which you build properties in states; the player with the most properties and money wins the game.


  1. It will let kids understand the importance of decision-making. It enforces kids to make the right decisions for their goals. They also develop strategic thinking because as the game moves forward, they learn to make strategic decisions.
  2. Monopoly teaches kids the importance of investing to expand their savings. This is a crucial skill to master at a young age.


Board games are not only entertaining, but they also assist children to develop skills such as strategic thinking, thinking abilities, analytical skills, patience, discipline, and more. These 5 best board games for kids can assist them in having complete fun along with essential life skills. 

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