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5 Reasons Why Destiny 2 Is Better on PC than Console

by Yash Ranjan

The Destiny console game has been settled for a long time in the form of the second part on the personal computers of all fans of excellent shooters and MMO games from the legendary Bungie studio, which created the very Halo. Those PC users who have powerful computers enjoy much more advantages of the PC version of the game than the console version.

If you suddenly recently decided to play this wonderful game, but have not yet decided on the choice of a platform for shooting opponents, then in this article we have collected for you 5 reasons for choosing the PC version of this game.

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Support of 4K resolution

Of course, because a full-fledged game at this resolution could only be played on a PC with a 4K display, Destiny 2 can only potentially be released in 4K resolution on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. The game looks fantastic on PS4 and Xbox One, but if your graphics card is strong enough (at least 1080 Ti), you’ll receive a ton of unique visual treats that you won’t get on consoles.

Among other things, of course, you will be able to customize all the additional details of the graphics, such as the quality of shadows, textures, etc., which will only help you get a flawless picture that the game can only provide on a PC.

Unlocked framerate

In addition to a gorgeous picture and 4K resolution, Destiny 2 in the PC version will be able to please you with the function of unlimited framerate. Since the very first part, console users have complained that the game looks disgusting with native 30 fps, which can only be increased on the new generation PS5 and Xbox SX consoles.

There were no problems with FPS on the PC from the very start of Destiny 2, because it depended only on the power of your computer. Thus, you will be able to play this game at 60 fps and even higher. 

Mouse and keyboard support

This point is quite controversial and subjective, however, it has long been proven that due to the lack of an aim assist for the PC version of Destiny 2, all weapons work “a little differently” in the game than on consoles. And by “differently” we mean “easier”. Due to its absence, many weapons in the game have simply no recoil, so with the mouse, you can perfectly control any submachine gun or alternative shooting on an exotic revolver “The Last Word”.

Anyway, it was always nice to play on a PC on a native keyboard and mouse, rather than on gamepads. However, if you have just recently switched from the console version to the PC and have never played shooters with a mouse, then you can always connect any gamepad in this game and gradually switch to the mouse.

Large selection of screen settings

On the technical side of the PC, the Destiny 2 version will be able to provide you with much more features than just playing on a TV in the console version. The game supports a full 21:9 format, which means you can safely play this gorgeous game on widescreen monitors like Acer Predator X34 or Samsung CHG90. Also, you can put three monitors around you to plunge into this beautiful cosmic universe.

More opportunities for communication

As in many online PC games and, in particular, MMO games, Destiny 2 has a text chat, which will serve as an additional means to maintain communication within the team, especially if you do not have a headset.

Chat can also help you in social locations, like a Tower or a Farm. With it, you can always find a team for a particular activity in the game, which is completely absent in the console versions of Destiny 2. Although the best way to find a team for any activity is still the Destiny 2 App.

The only drawback on the PC, both for ordinary players and for many professional ones, is the presence of cheating in the game. The number of cheaters in Destiny 2 at the moment is very huge, even though Bungie (according to their statements) are fighting them as best they can. You even can report cheating on their site. The most strongly cheating affects, of course, the PVP modes in the game. In the PvP mode “Trials of Osiris” cheaters for some time did not allow many players to rise beyond 5-6 wins in a row. Of course, this outcome pleased few people in this mode, especially considering the rewards it offers. According to Bungie, they are constantly improving their ban machine of cheaters, however, things are still not very good. But there is also a case when cheaters agreed to pay Bungie $13.5m. This PvP problem together with the content problem for veterans make the game extremely uninteresting, but not for beginners. If you are a beginner, then believe me — you will have something to do here for the next 500 hours.

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