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Why Hook And Ring Makes The Perfect Backyard Game

by Radhe Gupta
Backyard Game

The weather is warming up and people will be looking to host backyard parties and barbeques. That being said, make sure you are prepared by having some entertaining ways to spend time. A great backyard addition to any event is a hook and ring toss game. 

Hook and ring games make the perfect backyard game because they’re simple and versatile. Once you get the knack for it you will be challenging all of your friends and family to play. If that isn’t enough to peak your interest, check out the key points below and see why hook and ring toss games are the way to go!

Simple To Play

The game itself is very simple when it comes to playing hook and ring toss games. Your goal is to swing your O-ring that is attached to a string, onto an adjacent hook that is either mounted to a wall or backboard. Thebother end of the string is mounted to a structure above. If you manage to swing the string and the ring lands on the hook, you’ve done it!

It is trickier than it sounds so it will take a bit of practice. Make sure to give yourself time to get familiarized with the game before you invite your friends to play. You’ll be looking sharp with a home field advantage. 

Doesn’t Take Up A Lot of Space

Whether you have ample space in your yard or you have a small, tight space, you can easily add hook and ring toss game to the party. This game can be played tabletop under the umbrella or on a small patio table in the corner. Typically, two players are battling head to head so you won’t need a lot of room around the game setup, unless you expect it to become a heated spectator sport. 

Versatile Game Play

Because this game has such a simple design, it allows for a lot of variance with the rules. You can set this game up with a simple prize system for your grade school kids that are working on their fine motor skills; you can encourage your grandparents to play to keep up with their hand eye coordination. 

You can also set up a few shot glasses and turn hook and ring toss games into a drinking game with your buddies. Challenge your friends to get their ring on before you or the loser takes a shot. As you can imagine, the longer you play this way, the harder it gets. It doesn’t matter who you play with, there is enough wiggle room with this game to make it fit your party. 

Add Hook And Ring Games To Your Party

Hook and ring games can take your party to the next level. You want people to have a good time so it is always a good idea to choose backyard games that are simple to learn and easy enough to play. Hook and ring games fit the bill so make sure to add a set to your game collection before your next event. 

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