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Everything you Need to Know About Circles. Life

by Yash Ranjan
Know About Circles. Life

Circles. Life is a mobile virtual network operator that was launched in 2016. It’s the first digital telco specializing in providing sim-only mobile plans with no contract. The benefits of this Sim-only plan are you don’t need a phone, pay for unwanted extras, or be bound to a contract.

Reasons why you should use Circles. Life

1. No contract

Since there is no contract involved with Circles. Life you’re allowed to choose the telco that you want to use. In addition, the plans are very flexible since they’re offered on a monthly basis without any contract. When moving to a different telco service, you don’t have to worry about any contract holding you back.

2. Easy number transfer

Circles. Life is easy to use since it allows you to maintain your previous number, even from a different telco.

3. It covers you regardless of your location

Circles. Life has 98% nationwide 4G+ network coverage, making it very reliable and efficient to use regardless of where you are.

4. Value for your money

Circles. Life offers customized plans to meet specific customer needs. They’re a wide array of time-talk and data add-ons. You’re allowed to cancel your subscriptions at any time without being charged any fees.

5. There are many rewards

With Circles. Life, you have the opportunity to enjoy many free promotions with partner merchants, discounts, and freebies. Most telco services don’t offer this. There is also the referral bonus that is given to any customer when a friend uses the referral code for the app. The referral bonus ensures you and your friend get 30GB forever. On top of this, your friend will receive $38 off the required registration fees when signing up. You can visit https://www.circles.life/sg/plans/ to get started and access all these rewards.

6. Opportunity to use Circles. Life app

This app allows you to perform all the necessary account management tasks, including account details, managing your bills, and tracking your data usage. With this app, you also have an opportunity to access Circles. Life support team and have a live chat.

The Circles. Life app is user-friendly with easy to navigate features. It allows you to conveniently buy talk-time, roaming packages, or data any time you’re in need.

7. Simple and straightforward registration

The registration process is very simple, and within no time, you’ll have completed it. You’ll be provided with prompt stepwise guidance throughout the registration process up to porting your number to SIM delivery.

8. Unlimited WhatsApp

With Circles. Life, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp.

Circles. Life mobile plans

Circles. Life has many mobile plans tailored for different customers, and you’ll find a plan that meets your needs. Some of the plans available are Circles. Life 100GB with Rollover, Circles. Life 20GB Smart Start, Data-only plans, Family Plan, and Combo Phone Plans.

Bottom Line

Circles. Life offers customers affordable and contract-free plans that are designed to meet the current digital demands. Circles. Life, unlike the telcos in the past, Circles. Life is transparent, flexible, and convenient. You should consider Circles. Life when looking for a great competitive pricing, a great deal of data at fast speeds and on-the-go digital experience without having to spend any extra coin.

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