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Why the USA is a Dream Destination for Students

by Aryan
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First of all, let me tell you something very important about the US.

The USA is a dream destination for students from across the world because it has some of the best colleges in the world. There are over 5300 universities and colleges in this country. 

Harvard University tops the list followed by other famous universities such as Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, and so on. 

All these educational institutions have consistently featured among the top 10 universities in various international university ranking surveys carried out by reputed magazines like Times Higher Education or QS World Rankings etc.

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I know you must be thinking that the USA being a developed country offers high-quality education, quality syllabus, and other amenities to their students. It is no surprise that the USA has the best educational system in the world, but do you know why it attracts so many foreign students?

Here are some of the most prominent points to describe why students love studying in the United States.

The Vast Variety of Educational Subjects Offered

Every country offers limited subjects at the school level. For example, if any student studies in an Indian institution for 5 years, they will learn about India’s freedom struggle (history subject) and its contribution towards science (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) apart from their mother language and other compulsory subjects like social studies or mathematics.

But things are different in the USA. Here students can choose their own major while studying in college which allows them to learn more about their choices and interests. So, if a student enjoys learning physics, they can continue studying the subject in college even though it is not compulsory.

Another interesting thing that attracts students from various countries to the USA is that most colleges here allow students to study subjects like astronomy, dance, music, etc. at both high school as well as the undergraduate level which are not taught by many educational institutions across the world.

Students can also study different types of engineering courses or business management courses in the USA with specialization in different areas. That’s why foreign students who wish to pursue further education prefer choosing this country over others because they know that studying here is going to be an unforgettable experience for them.

Apart from these, the USA also offers students lots of job-oriented courses that will help them in their future. These include engineering courses like Civil engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc., and business courses like Accounting, Business Management, etc.

Stretched Curriculum & Flexible Schedules

Another thing that attracts international students towards studying in the US is its flexible course structure. Here college or university starts early at 8 am and ends by 3 pm or 4 pm (most institutions follow this schedule). 

After classes are over you can go for sports activities, cultural programs, or even join workshops that permit you to work on your passion. I know many international students who became professional singers after studying in the USA. You get several opportunities to explore your passion and pursue a career according to your interests.

Lots of Job Opportunities

Education is not just about books and syllabus in the USA. Here you can learn practical knowledge from real-life experiences while pursuing your education. Most colleges allow students to work part-time to fund their education or help them become more responsible towards their studies. They can make the most of their time instead of snoring for no reason.

What makes this country a dream destination for foreign students is the number of job opportunities it offers after graduation or post-graduation. Many multinational companies hire international students with good academic records from reputed universities across the world including India, China, Japan, etc. 

Apart from working at MNCs through campus placements, you can also get placed at local firms after MBA or BBA degree or opt for higher studies.

A computer science engineering graduate from India can decide to stay in the USA after his studies. He might be placed at a local company here and get a good salary package with perks and prospects.

Easy Visa Procedure

The USA has been the most preferred destination for international students because it provides easier visa facilities as compared to other countries like Germany, UK, etc. 

All you need is a valid passport with sufficient funds to cover your education fees and living expenses. You can easily avail loans or credit cards for this purpose which also makes it possible for foreign students to fund their education without any help from their parents back home. 

To make it easy, the government has taken measures and facilitated the whole process for everyone. You get the best education support regardless of the country that you belong to.

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