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4 Steps To Becoming A Certified Educator in New York

by Radhe Gupta
Certified Educator

There are specific steps to take if you are planning on becoming a certified educator in New York. The training required is multifaceted in approach encompassing not only the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also approaches in child development as well as child psychology. 

Each state, including New York, have their own requirements in becoming a certified educator, or teacher. Search for “the best teaching colleges” in New York to find out more. Below are four of the basic prerequisites to teaching in the Empire State of New York. 

1 What Level Do You Want To Teach

The level of education you desire to teach will affect that training that you need. Programs are designed to teach in four basic levels; early education or preschool, elementary education which covers basic learning concepts and the foundation of comprehensive learning of core concepts. Moving on there is secondary education where the teaching has a more focused approach. Educators typically choose subjects of expertise such as math, science, or language arts amongst many others including areas of interest such as music, art, theater, or journalism. Investigate “the best teaching colleges” for more information. Depending on the area, agriculture or marine science are possible inclusions. Exceptional education requires additional certifications for both gifted and special needs students with emotional or behavioral disorders, autism, or hearing and speech impaired.  

2 New York State Approved Teacher Prep Program

To  apply for the New York State Approved Teacher Preparation Program you must first possess a bachelor’s degree. This program puts you on the right track while fulfilling the state requirements with workshops and practice actually teaching students. You can obtain this certification either online, or in person. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the program you choose is approved by New York state.

3 Initial Teaching Certificate

In New York State there are several certificates to apply for in order to teach. The first, or Initial Teaching Certificate in New York covers EAS (Educating All Students), CST (Content Specialty Test), and  edTPA (Choose field of interest in teaching). You will complete mandatory New York state child safety workshops with subjects ranging from recognizing child abuse to alcohol and drug abuse signs along with many others. Depending on the certificate there are a number of other optional classes that could be required. 

Professional Teaching Certificate 

Before your Initial Teaching Certificate expires in your first five years as a teacher, apply for your Professional Teaching Certificate. In New York this requires not only a master’s degree, but also at least three years of teaching in a classroom setting combined with one year of mentored teaching. This certificate is valid for your lifetime as a teacher so long as you complete 175 hours of professional development every five years. 

Added Regulations

In addition to the above certifications you will be required to submit to  a state, as well as federal background check which includes fingerprinting. Schools generally require this done before you can have access to school grounds so be sure to take care of this early in the process. Be aware that this process sometimes takes months to be completed. Following the above guidelines will have you better prepared for your future as an educator in the state of New York. For additional information check online for the “best teaching colleges”. 

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