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Follow these tips to improve GK for competitive exams

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Candidates shouldn’t take the general knowledge section lightly, as it is one of the best areas to secure full marks. From competitive exams to GD and interviews, GK questions complete your exam preparation. 

When you are gearing up for the government exams, it is crucial to focus on particular topics like 28 state capital names, national parks in the country and names of Presidents of India. 

There are more topics to cover when preparing for the government exams. No matter what competitive exams you are preparing for, the below-tips will help every candidate to enhance their GK effortlessly. Ensure you are fully prepared to answer 25% of the questions in most government exams. 


As an aspirant, you should start reading the newspapers every day. Following at least a few newspapers to boost your GK and keep track of current occurrences is better. You can choose a newspaper in the regional language and another in English. Some famous names include “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph”, and more. Select the best newspapers and scrutinise most topics in the paper regularly. 

News channels 

Televisions are not just for entertainment purposes; you will be able to improve GK with the help of news channels. Include TV viewing in your preparation schedule and regularly follow up with the most compelling news channels. Some famous news channels include NDTV, BBC, Al Jazeera and more. Candidates should watch Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Parliament sessions for government exams. Ensure that you see RSTV and LSTV regularly.


Utilise the prowess of the world wide web to boost your exam preparations. You will find free yet reliable resources to accumulate information. Check Wikipedia, Google and YouTube as they have credible information, and the resources are free. You will also view some popular e-learning platforms offering the best study materials for the passionate aspirant. It is an effective way to enhance your GK for competitive exams.

Whether you want the list of President names or 28 state capital name lists, the top online learning platform can offer you the same. Above all, you can take free mock tests and GK quizzes specially curated to help candidates prepare for the competitive exams. You can choose credible educational websites to source all the information.

Use credible resources

The Government provides some official websites and magazines. You need to utilise them for updating current affairs and GK regularly. For instance, Yojana magazine is ideal for your exam preparations, and it is also credible.

Do not worry

Most individuals may forget trivial questions when learning a lot. However, you will remember if the preparations and learning techniques are effective. Working hard is part and parcel of your government exam preparations. Moreover, stay consistent and committed throughout the learning journey.


After using the most effective memory technique, individuals ignore the revision part. However, every candidate should allot time for revision. Reprocessing the things, you’ve learnt all these days will help you remember them easily. You might have spent a whole day learning a topic, but a ten-minute revision session would help you remember the content easily.

Wrapping up

GK questions shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Utilise the above tips to learn well and score the highest marks in government exams. Source credible study resources which will elevate the effectiveness of your exam preparations.

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