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8 Things To Avoid for Securing A Small Business Loan

by Yash Ranjan
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Securing a loan for a small business enterprise can be challenging. Many loan institutions demand collateral and other requirements. A small business owner who is seeking start-up capital may not meet these demands. These problems can be avoided with adequate knowledge and guidance.

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Eight things are discussed below that could affect the positive outcome of the business loan application.

Inadequate Preparation

A business venture is a serious undertaking that requires much initial preparation. After the decision is made about the type of business, then all the paperwork should be properly completed before applying for a loan. For a new business, a viable business plan must be presented to the loan organization.

An established business would need documents such as tax returns, balance sheets, and personal and business bank statements.

Neglecting Expect Advice

The purpose of going into business is to make a profit. Wisdom dictates that every effort must be made to get all the information needed to ensure ultimate success. Various individuals and organizations offer expert advice on how to secure small business loans. 

Financial institutions, business mentorship programs, and even established businesses provide guidance and invaluable advice to small business owners. Being knowledgeable about plans for business growth and development will give an edge to the loan application.

Too Many Loan Applications

The loan packages offered by financial institutions should be inspected. This will reduce the need for several loan applications. Too many applications can attract the attention of credit bureaus and trigger investigations.

Insufficient Research

Spend time to research and investigate what financial institutions are offering. It is important to get feedback from other business operators about their own experiences. This knowledge will help determine which institutions are interested in promoting small businesses.

Questionable Credit History

Excellent credit history is an advantage when trying to get approved for small business loans. Credit reports provide a guide as to the lender’s borrowing and repayment history. A credit score that is lower than 700 will present a challenge in getting a loan.

According to Lantern by SoFi, provisions are available to “get a business cash advance… even if you don’t have a great credit score.” While it is not impossible to get a loan if there have been problems with bad credit, maintaining a clean credit history is one less obstacle to overcome.

Dependency on Collateral

Starting a business is a risky venture and may involve sacrificing personal assets in the start-up stage. Lending institutions may require collateral, such as land or vehicles. This is to ensure that the funds are recovered if there is a default on the loan. Careful consideration must be given to the type of collateral offered to secure the loan; as losing assets, such as a home, can be life-changing.

High-Interest Rates

Loans always attract interest rates. The terms and conditions for repayment that the lending institutions offer must be manageable. High interest rates will destroy the business, as it will be impossible to make a profit and repay the loan.

Large Loans

There are many loan packages available that can influence new small business owners to go overboard with borrowing. It is important to know what immediate financial requirements are necessary. Avoid being encouraged to take large loans that will prove difficult to repay.

Ensure that all the essential plans, investigations, and documentation are in place before applying for a business loan. Seek help from trusted and knowledgeable sources and Maintain contact with experienced business owners who can provide invaluable guidance.

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