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PLOT REVEALED: “Lost in Space” Season 3 Release Date Announced, Plot Details

by Manika Baiswar
Lost in Space Season 3

Netflix Lost in Space Season 3 has been announced and will be released on May 30th, 2020! The first two seasons of the show were well-received by fans. So what can we expect from Lost in Space Season 3? Here are the details:


Lost in Space Season is set to release on May 30th 2020.

It will be released with two episodes back to back for a total of four hours of content.

The plot will centre around the Jupiter II crew having been stranded in space and trying to survive both their physical needs and mental health while they try to make it back to Earth.

The show will also explore the question of whether or not they should return in order to save humanity from certain doom, but this decision is fraught with peril as there are those who want them to stay so that their own plans for domination can be carried out unchecked.

The Cast of Lost in Space Season 3:

Will Robinson: Mina Sundwall

Dr. Smith: Parker Posey

John Robinson: Toby Stephens

Don West: Ignacio Serricchio

Maureen Robinson/ Judy Driscoll, Major West’s wife and John’s second-in-command aboard the Jupiter II spacecraft in Lost in Space Season 0 are played by guest stars Molly Shannon (as Maureen) and Sela Ward (as Judy). These characters were omitted from the Netflix series to save money on casting fees. The showrunners of this reboot have announced that these roles will be recast for future seasons with both women being more present than they were before. This is an interesting choice as it was one of the things fans liked most about season 1.

Molly Shannon and Sela Ward have been replaced by Jackie van Beek (as Judy) and Minka Kelly (as Maureen).

This decision was made with the hopes that they would be less expensive to cast than Molly Shannon and Sela Ward who are both well-known for being actors on popular series from networks other than Netflix. The showrunners of Lost in Space Season 0 had this same goal when casting, but ended up getting them anyways because it fit their vision for what the characters should look like better.

Lost in Space cast 1
Lost in Space cast 1

The plot of Season 3:

The Robinson family has spent a lot of time on Earth, but they are finally ready to go back out into space. They have successfully repaired their ship and find themselves at the launching site before realizing they can’t get it off the ground without more fuel.

The Robinsons make some new friends in this season that help them fix their problems such as an alien named Zus who provides his superior technology to provide enough fuel for the launch;

Judy gets lost in an unknown part of space when she is exploring with her robot Elroy (who was found stranded). She meets other aliens while trying to find her way home and learns about herself along the way.

PLOT REVEALED: “Lost In Space” Season Three Release Date Announced

Netflix has released the release date for the third season of Lost in Space. The new episodes will premiere on April 13th, 2019 with ten episodes total;

This is going to be a very different show than its predecessors! In this version, Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) and his family; are stranded outside of known space without much hope for a return home. What’s more, they’re now facing dangers; that come from both within and outside their ship. Rescuers who have themselves become stranded; while exploring an uncharted planet, human-looking robots; who might do anything to get back into space and alien beings who aren’t happy about them being there at all. But hey–they’ve got each other and a whole bunch of new friends, too.

What’s Coming on Lost in Space Season Three:

Extraterrestrial threats will change them forever. And only they have the tools to save themselves and help rescue their rescuers from this dangerous planet.

A new set of challenges for our family; as life now goes full circle. With trips into space under constant threat by both human beings and aliens who don’t want humans near at all; but also some moments where it feels like no matter what you do or says anything is possible again! This season is going to be one wild ride we’re sure fans are going to love!

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