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Doom Patrol Season 2: Return Date, Cast, Plot Details!

by Manika Baiswar

The Doom Patrol is back and this time they’re in charge. The DC television series, which premiered on February 15th, 2019, has released the date for their second season as well as more cast members and plot details. Fans of the comics will be excited to know that Brendan Fraser will be joining the Doom Patrol crew!

June 13th is Doom Patrol Season two’s release date on streaming services!

Characters to watch out for:

Brendan Fraser will play Cliff Steele aka Robotman. He’s a scientist who lost his body in an accident and had it replaced with robotic parts of other scientists’ bodies, giving him the abilities to read minds and manipulate any machinery he comes into contact with.

Amanda Gaughan has been cast as Negative Woman (Elastiwoman). She was once Rita Farr before she contracted a disease that gave her the ability to turn herself into electricity or gas at will. This also caused her cellular structure to deteriorate rapidly, so she needed frequent treatments from being exposed to negative ions in order to maintain her human form.

The plot of Season 2:

 The plot of Doom Patrol season two involves Elasti-Woman continuing with experiments for Dr Niles Caulder, who’s trying to find out how much can be done with his Titan technology without affecting brain function. Cliff Steele struggles against Robotman programming, which tells him to kill Doom Patrol members.

The Doom Patrol team must find a missing person in the middle of an intergalactic war, and Crazy Jane’s mind is switching between old memories and current reality.

We also see flashbacks to her time as Dr Leslie Harris at Centre Industries, where she was exploited by Madame Rouge until they became allies against their common enemy: Niles Caulder (known then as The Chief). When the Chief took over Centre for his own purposes, he created negative versions of himself called ‘Chiefs from Outer Space’, who invaded Earth with no regard for human life or well-being. They were eventually destroyed by Negative Woman using her powers combined with electricity from nuclear power plants which could negate them because it is a form of energy they cannot manipulate.

Doom Patrol Return Date:

Season two of Doom Patrol will return to the Elaborate Television Network on Thursday, September 12th. The show is expected to air at 11 p.m. ET/PT following a new episode of Titans and before an all-new JLA Adventures special featuring Superman (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris). This time around, fans can expect “a crazier” adventure as Robotman finds himself in the worst place possible while Negative Man takes over his body for some unknown reason. And there’s no shortage of villains either! In addition to Dr Heckyl aka Mr Nobody (Timothy Dalton), we’ll also be seeing Crazy Jane’s arch-nemesis – her own father Torque who was also a one-time Doom Patrol member.

Doom Patrol Season 2 cast
Doom Patrol Season 2 cast


Brendan Fraser; as Cliff Steele aka Robotman. The Doom Patrol leader was in a car accident and now uses his robotic body.

Timothy Dalton; as Dr Heckyl or Mr Nobody. A mad scientist who has the power to turn people into stone statues with just one touch of their hand. He’s also Jane’s father; so she wants revenge on him for what he did to her family when they were younger.

Crazy Jane; (voiced by Tara Strong) is often outcasted from society; due to her multiple personalities that manifest themselves through different superpowers such as telepathy, pyrokinesis and empathy among others. She joins up with Doom Patrol; at first because she wanted some friends. But ends up being the only one who can get close to her father.

John DiMaggio; as Cliff’s robot friend, Brainy; is Doom Patrols intellectual member and has created a lot of gadgets for them when they need it most.

Cameron Cuffe; stars as Steve Montgomery aka Negative Man. He was exposed to radioactive nuclear waste; which gave him the power to turn himself into an invisible man; with some light projection abilities. But he also needs his suit or else he’ll die in hours so that could be problematic at times.

Brendan Hines; (The Purge TV Series) joins Doom Patrol as Jack Power/Negative Girl. With being bitten by a radioactive animal she then got superpowers like flight, strength

April Bowlby; as Elasti-Girl. Ever since her teammates discovered; that she was in the wrong body, they helped switch bodies with her using a machine called The Thing.

Jake Michaels; plays Larry Trainor aka Negative Man. And is Nora’s dad who previously thought he had died; but Doom Patrol found him to be alive without remembering much about his past except for how to fly planes?

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