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Spinning Out Season 2: Why did Netflix cancel the series? All the future updates and upcoming dramas!

by Manika Baiswar
Spinning Out Season

Netflix has officially cancelled Spinning Out Season 2, just one day after the release of its first season. The series was a drama that focused on competitive figure skating and how it can affect your personal life outside the rink. It starred Emma Dumont, Caitlin Carver, Charles Michael Davis, Alex Roe and Victoria Justice as they competed in their respective roles for the show’s two seasons. Fans are still wondering what will happen to their favourite characters next – or if there is another show coming out that we should get excited about! Read this article for all future updates on Spinning Out Season 3 and upcoming dramas premiering soon!

Season 1:

Spinning Out Season One was released on Netflix on January 18th, 2019 with a second season planned for later in the year.

Production of the first and second seasons began back in September 2018.

The cancellation went into effect just one day after release – which is pretty shocking considering how quickly series get cancelled these days!

Once you watch both of their episodes, it’s not hard to see why they would cancel this show: viewers were met with boring dialogue that lacked depth or context while watching what felt like amateur actors who had little experience with performing.

If there’s more content coming out soon from the creator of Spinning Out (Chris Keyser), we’ll be sure to update.

 In the meantime, we’ve got some other great Netflix series for you with Spinning Out Season One reviews so that you can enjoy what’s out there!

Plot Summary:

“In this new season of the Netflix original series, we watch Kate’s (Kate Baldwin) career take off as she jumps from a local competition to win an international championship. But her newfound fame doesn’t go unnoticed!”

Facts about Spinning Out Season One:

The first season premiered in October 2018 with two episodes and was cancelled just one day after its release date which is pretty shocking considering how

Spinning Out Season One was released on Netflix in 2018.

There are eight episodes in the first season, with a total running time of one hour and fifty minutes.

The show is about gymnastics.

It is filmed at Beacon Gymnastics Club near San Francisco Bay Area.

“The series explores what it takes to go from being an athlete’s hard work to becoming their parents’ worst nightmare.” (Netflix)

Spinning Out Season One Review:

The first season of this Netflix original series is a little bit difficult to review.

Spinning Out had an interesting premise, but it was not terribly executed in the end and left me feeling underwhelmed.

The show starts off with Zoe (played by Maddie Ziegler) being recruited; by her high school’s gymnastics coach Karen Macklin played by Christine Lahti). She convinces Zoe to come out of retirement for one last shot. At Olympic gold, even after she takes a fall that leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. This sets up the major conflict for our protagonist as she deals with rehabilitation on top of training for competitions next year. It also brings us in contact with the other gymnasts in her circle (played by Parker Sevak, Kaitlyn Leeb and Anna Popplewell) who each have their own struggles to deal with.

First Episode:

The first episode gives us a glimpse into the life of Zoe; as she interacts on an emotional level with her teammates and coaches. While dealing with figuring out how to live without feeling like everything is set up for her.

Spinning Out does seem very invested in exploring this topic though; which is why I was actually interested enough to keep watching it. At one point or another during its six episodes before coming back to finish my thoughts on the show. However, when I did come back again after taking some time off; from viewing and reflecting on what happened in the show’s first season.

Spinning Out is a great example of how human beings are always going to be unpredictable. In some way or another. And it doesn’t matter what kind of life you have been given; because everyone goes through their own problems with themselves.

This makes for interesting television. But also difficult viewing at times as we see that while people like Zoe; may not be able to control certain things about themselves. She still has agency over her feelings; which helps her overcome whatever obstacles come up even if they seem insurmountable sometimes.

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