Stumptown Season 2: What Are The Possibilities For The New Season Of ABC Series?

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Cobie Smulders’ most spectacular ABC show, Stumptown, won the audience with its intriguing plot and talented star actress. However, now fans are waiting for the announcement of the second season. It will be interesting to see if Stumptown ABC will be renewed for a second season or if the show stand will be cancelled altogether.

Stumptown Season 2 show

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Stumptown has a low first season rating

According to media sources, the first season of Stumptown received an average rating of 0.49. The rating is considering 2.86 million viewers and 18–49 demographics. So the ratings for the first season of Stumptown have been very low, suggesting that it may stop the show.

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However, according to media reports, things may turn positive for the show, as ABC has ordered some additional episodes. So its second season also has opportunities to renew the show. With calls for more episodes, Stumptown will be able to ensure itself.

What is Stumptown?

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The show revolves around Dex Paris, written by Coxie Smulders. Dex is a brave and tough military veteran living in Portland, Oregon. However, his life is full of chaos, gambling debt, complex love life as well as a caregiver with Down syndrome. In the role of Dex’s brother, Ansel is portrayed by Cole Sibus. However, he remains devoted to his work, even if it is a mess of his life. Dex proves himself to be an effective private investigator. However, his immoral way has many enemies along the way. The performance also includes other characters who help in the narrative. Jake Johnson writes the role of Dex, a friend of Gray McConnell. While Tentu is playing the character of Soo Lin Linbird, the owner of Cardinal Casino. Do you want to renew the show for a second season?

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