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Hanna: Will There Be A Season 2? Everything We Know So Far


It is one of the most anticipated shows on amazon prime as the series is a reboot of the 2011 film titled Hanna. The movie was also appreciated, and this laid the foundation of the series. But this isn’t an easy job to make a series out of a movie as the air time are poles apart. In case of a film, you can wrap up things in a three-hour duration slot, but that isn’t the case with a series. In the case of a series, you have to show a prolonged version by towing the same storyline and working on the minute details.

The series is pivoted around a teenage girl who escapes from the crutches of life and transcends boundaries moving across the globe. She also had a friend Sophie whom she met while she was in Morocco. The second season seems to be way more promising than the first season, as it has laid a strong foundation for the series. So let’s see what’s more in the bag for us.

Hanna Season 2

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Is the renewal confirmed for the second season?

The most loved things with shows on amazon prime are its quick renewal, they do a quick assessment of the show’s progress and go for the renewal. This has been the case with other series too, e.g., Jack Ryan and Modern Love.

Do we have a release date for the second season?

There is not any, as the official word is yet to come on the release date of the second season. There is a pattern that is followed, and if we look back at the first season, the idea was floated in March 2017, but it took almost a year to set things into motion. Finally, the series hit the screens in March 2019, but this wasn’t expected with the second season.

Had things been normal, the series would have hit our TV screens by the end of 2020, but the recent outbreak of COVID-19 completely changed things for us. The entire entertainment industry has halted the operations, and it will take time to revamp the structure. So it isn’t possible to tell when the series will be renewed. I just hope things go back to normal as soon as possible.

Do we have the details on the cast?

Well, certain new faces are making their way to the next season, and there are few well-known faces from the industry who are slated to join the series. Dermot Mulroney will be playing the role of John Carmichael,  Anthony Welsh will be making the entry as Leo Garner, Severine Howell-Meri will be entering the cast in the role of Helen and Gianna Kiehl will be entering the cast as Jules.

What shall we expect from the second season?

The series has progressed to such an extent where the storyline will take off, and this is something that has accentuated the expectations. Hanna is trained along with other warriors of the Utrax Regenesis program, and now the real action will begin where she, along with others to take on the CIA. Erik Heller dies in the film, and this is going to happen in the series, but the thrill will be on a different level.

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