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Dare Me: Season 2 On Netflix? Release And Other Updates


The series is an adaption of a novel penned by Megan Abbott with the same title, and this is something which needs a strong understanding of emotions as the series is not only dark but touched the less talked aspect of high school life.

The series aired for the global audience on 20th March 2020, although it was released earlier in the US. The series is pivoted around two high school cheerleaders named Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy, and how their lives changed after the arrival of a new coach. Things changed, and they went in unprecedented direction, and this brings a hell lot of thrill to the series.

Do we have a release date for the second season of Dare Me?

The show aired for the first time exclusively for the US audience in December 2019, and now the show has been released for the global audience. There is a lot that goes into when a show has to be renewed for another season, and the response received from the global audience will have a considerable impetus on the future of the show.

Dare Me: Season 2

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So there has to be a time interval in which the producers will have to assess the response and then only we can expect a thumbs up from the producers. So there is nothing which can be said at this point as barely a week has passed since the show aired its first season.

But if we go by the response from the US audience, chances are, the show will be renewed for a second season although the recent turn of events amid the rising crisis of COVID-19 has halted the entire process, which will imply the series too.

Most of the production process has stopped as global isolation measures are now into force, and most of the countries have locked down themselves both internally and externally. So in these times of uncertainty, nothing can be said about a definite date. But if we follow the renewal trends of Netflix, we can comfortably say that it is going to take around a year’s time to air the second season of the show.

What about the cast of the second season?

Hanlon as Herizen Guardiola, Beth as Marlo Kelly, Colette as Willa Fitzgerald, Tacy as Alison Thornton, and all other characters are going to make their return for the second season as the show was left on a cliffhanger. Thus a change in the cast isn’t expected at this point. So rest assured if there is any official word on any alteration with the cast, we will update you with relevant details.

The show is much awaited one, and there is every reason to wait for the show, but the second season will have many aspects to answer, which were left unanswered in the second season. So once the official announcement regarding the renewal of the show for the second season comes to us, we will update you with all the relevant details.

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