Home News The Penguin Series filming starts is confirmed: What Colin Farrell Said About? 

The Penguin Series filming starts is confirmed: What Colin Farrell Said About? 

by Arti Rathore
The Penguin series

 Colin Farrell has told last night that the filming date of the new Penguin series has been confirmed. Colin Farrell came out for the following days and said he would love to be part of this series. He said that he is wondering if he knows how huge this series is going to be. He also told that Pratchett wrote a few pages of the script, who want to see a Terry Pratchett film should keep their fingers crossed. And he also talked about how he has read the script of the first episode, and it was fantastic. 

 Who is Discussed Star cast in Penguin Series?

       Colin Farrell, Colin O’Donoghue, Anita Dobson & John Hamm talk about the series last week, Terry Pratchett has doubts about doing a film adaptation of his work. And today, we have news that may be true. Colin Farrell is confirmed as being in the next installment of the enormously successful film franchise based on Neil Gaiman’s popular book series. The movie will start filming this October and directed by Danny Boyle. No more official yet but it is good that after “Trainspotting 2” Drew Barrymore will play the female lead in this project.

After success on both the critical and commercial fronts, The Batman helmer Matt Reeves is seeing his cinematic universe featuring Batman-centric characters. The first series spinning from the Robert Pattinson-starring flick is HBO Max’s The Penguin with Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobble pot taking center stage, in a recent chat with Jamie Lee Curtis, Farrell revealed he hopes to start filming the series before. 

The Penguin series is about?

       According to HBO Max’s original head Sarah Aubrey, the series is going to further flesh out the seedy underbelly of Gotham and Oswald’s inner circle. This show is about what Oz’s life is like and that very much in the streets of Gotham who trying to get up and over as only the Penguin can Aubrey told. A hustler and a strategist with his ambitions in life. It is an example of having the time over the eight episodes to tell a longer-arc story with a lot of twists and turns and new characters. It is going to be about Gotham at that street level because he is not flying around as Batman does. It is embraced, as a very specific experience for audiences to have in a series.

The Penguin series cast and crew:

   The director Matt Reeves has signed on the helm of the series and Michael Uppendahl will write the first episode for this series. The creator, actor, and writer of the DC Comic character will be played by Colin Farrell in The Penguin series. No Other actor has been confirmed for the main role and it remains to be seen how many episodes there will be with this cast. It is interesting about this project that it follows from what already has been announced about ‘The Batman’. Ben McKenzie is on board for Gotham City Sirens which is a series about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as well as Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon. of the series is Craig Zobel and the series writing credits go to Lauren Lefranc.

The Penguin Series may be Ties into ‘THE BATMAN 2’ Timeline:

     Chris Nolan took a break after The Dark Knight Rises and had not announced any future projects but then, The Penguin series was announced, and it confirmed some rumors that Nolan is directing a Batman film. This rumor was first in the media when Chris Nolan announced that he has plans to direct another Batman film. There is no official news about it, but Chris Nolan has said many times that he will be directing the next Batman film if the WB wants him to direct the movie. And we heard nothing when the studio gave him notice of his return for the next Batman film. So, this is still not sure what will happen with ‘The Penguin Film’.

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