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Marvel’s Silk – Amazon announced Spiderman Spin off to expand the Spider-Verse

by Arti Rathore

Amazon is going to expand the Spider-Verse and its start from SILK but insist on the theatre they are going to release on  Amazon Prime. The first series deals with ‘Silk : Spider Society’. This series is developed by Angela Kang (The Walking Dead) with Producer Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Spiderman : Into the Spider-Verse). 

This is going to be very exciting because after Different Spiderman’s, Gwen Spider, and Venom now we can see one of the badass characters of spider man ‘The Silk’. 

This deal is will signed with Amazon very soon . Angela Kang will be the Showrunner and executive producer of the series. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are currently under an overall deal there.

Who is Marvel’s Silk’ ?

Silk comes from a family who has long been entrenched in the underbelly of organised crime. Her mother, Cindy, was one of the top thieves in New York City, who was arrested when Silk was 10. After her mother’s imprisonment, Cindy’s younger brother Robbie stepped in to raise Cindy’s daughter and his niece (Silk). He became a major player in the Maggia crime syndicate and taught young Cindy all she needed to know about crime and how to steal. Cindy was later killed by Maggia when she refused to join them. Silk swore revenge and became every bit as skilled a criminal as her uncle. After a disastrous job against The Man-Wolf, Silk met Spider-Man and informed him that she intends to give up crime. She has subsequently entered into a relationship with Spider-Man’s ally, Black Cat.

Now this is not the first time that Silk has appeared in the Spider-Verse. In the films “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse“, she appears as a member of Miles’ gang of villains, and was revealed to also be one of his most promising students.

First Appearance in Marvel’s Comics

Silk first appeared in the comic book Spiderman: The Secret of the Sinister Six issue #1 in August 1974 written by Stan Lee. Now when you want to compare Silk with other Spiderman Villain(es) then you must be clear she is not a villain but an Anti-Heroine. She may do criminal activity like other villains but she is not a bad person and helps others because she is one of the good guys . Things will change after this series if Amazon does well with it. 

Cast , Release date and Everything you have to know 

So far there is no cast announced and release date is not released yet. But they are going to do casting soon and most likely it will be announced before the end of 2022. The Series is except to on the floor around 2024 

We don’t have much background about Silk so it will be great to see how she was born as a child of a criminal family , then leading her to become a heroine and helping others . She did that to save Miles Morales’ life in Spiderman : “Into the Spider-Verse“.

In the summary 

After Spiderman ( Tobey , Andrew and Tom Holland) and Venom (Tom Hardy) and animated movie Spiderman : into the Spiderverse , Now we have to see Cindy Moon Character as Silk on Silk : Spider Society. Many Spiderman Fan community are very excited and Create their Star Cast like “who is going to play ‘Silk’,” “Which Comic book story they gonna Adapted” and all 

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