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What is PRINCE2 Certification and How Beneficial is It?

by Yash Ranjan

One of the best professional certifications to attain in the field of project management is that of PRINCE2®. The PRINCE2® Certification validates your expertise in project management as a qualified practitioner. PRINCE2® is a structured project management method and a program that certifies your expertise as a certified practitioner. The objective of PRINCE2® is to divide projects into smaller parts and to set up milestones to achieve the goals of the project. In this way, each part of the project can be successfully managed and stages can be controlled. The best thing about PRINCE2® is that it has gained popularity among some of the major countries in the world such as the UK, Australia, and Western Europe.

An Overview of the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course – Edition 6

The PRINCE2 course of Foundation and Practitioner is a comprehensive course that gives the advantage of both immersive and experiential learning. This is done so by providing plenty of interactive live sessions, case studies, projects, group assignments, and much more. The course would help you qualify for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Examination and attain the required certification. This course would also help you tailor PRINCE2® to a wide range of project environments and scenarios as well. Thus, after the completion of this course, you would have gained industry-agnostic project management skills.

An Overview of the PRINCE2® Foundation Course – Edition 6

If you’re looking forward to becoming an exceptional project manager then the PRINCE2 foundation certification Course is the best course for you. This course too includes plenty of interactive live sessions and experiential learning privileges as well. The course focuses on making you gain project-related skills that can be applied across industries. You would also be learning how to deliver multiple projects on time by the budget assigned for each of them. The training course would help you get prepared for the PRINCE2® Foundation Edition 6 exam as well because it is necessary to pass it to become a certified practitioner and validate your expertise in PRINCE2®. 

The Benefits of Achieving a PRINCE2 Certification 

  • Take your project management career to the next level.
  • Learning to build up project management skills that are required to handle different types of projects regardless of their size, scale, and complexity across industries and various geographies. 
  • Gaining knowledge about tailoring projects based on environment, managing product delivery, controlling the use of resources, and effectively managing project risks. 
  • The course would prove advantageous in your project management journey whether you are a professional or have just started your career. 
  • By getting certification after passing the examination for PRINCE2®, you would be able to validate your expertise as a project management professional. 
  • You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the skills that are required by a project manager through a comprehensive and immersive course of PRINCE2® offered by KnowledgeHut and become a successful certified professional.
  • PRINCE2® or PRojects IN Controlled Environments is a highly sought-after certification when it comes to recruiting highly qualified project managers. The PRINCE2 ® project management method is used by plenty of government and commercial organizations all around the globe so you can easily get a job at any of the top companies in the world once you attain the PRINCE2 ® Certification.
  • Discovering the principles, themes, and various processes of PRINCE2 ® and learning how to adapt projects as per the environment.
  • The PRINCE2 ® Certification is a great addition to your tech tool belt.
  • After taking the PRINCE2 ® Foundation Course, you can take the PRINCE2 ® Practitioner Course as well and gain an in-depth understanding of the core concepts of PRINCE2 ®.
  • The course provides the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in PRINCE2 ® and the required knowledge that is needed to pass the PRINCE2 ® examination. Furthermore, you can also gain experiential knowledge through the course as well in the form of assignments, case studies, and group projects.

What are the Financial Benefits of the PRINCE2 ® Certification?

Almost every major company in the world that need project management professionals is following the methodologies of PRINCE2. Furthermore, project management has become one of the most highly sought-after jobs in not just tech but plenty of other industries as well. It has been estimated by PMI that by 2027, about 88 million people will need to be trained for the job of project management. By attaining the PRINCE2 Certification, you’ll ensure job safety for yourself because with this certification you can easily get a lucrative job in any industry of your choice. 

Some of the top companies of the world such as Shell, IBM, Siemens, Aquasoft, HP, etc. recruit PRINCE2 certified individuals. They follow the PRINCE2 ® framework because it is very beneficial for their company. Many companies are presently adopting the principles of PRINCE2 because of its advantageous framework. The average salary of a PRINCE2 ® certified professional is about $99,000 per annum. It has been estimated by PMI that there are 2.2 million project roles every year all around the world. So gaining this certification would be beneficial to you in the long run. 

The PRINCE2® Certification would provide leverage to your professional profile. Through the certification course, you can easily learn how to implement the PRINCE2® framework and adapt to real-world environments. The course would help you to build up your project management skills so that you can capitalize on the high demand across industries. It is recommended that before taking the PRINCE2 ® Practitioner course, one should get familiar with the PRINCE2® Foundation course and gave a fundamental understanding, especially if you have just started your career as a project manager. 

There are plenty of varieties as far as PRINCE2® courses are concerned but no matter what course you take, you’ll reach your destination of becoming a certified PRINCE2® professional. The courses mentioned in this article are in-depth course that provides an immersive learning experience. There are plenty of opportunities for the learner to gain experiential learning in this course as well, alongside understanding the topics to get prepared for the PRINCE2® examination.

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