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How to support yourself when you are mourning the loss of your parents or a loved one?

by Aryan
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Given a choice, we all would want to choose happiness over grief! But no matter how much joy we channel within, there will be moments of loss and grief sometime in our lives. For instance, the pandemic surge has made many people suddenly lose their loved ones because they started to feel lonely and depressed. The same can happen when you lose a parent in an accident or calamity. The challenge here is to move on despite the grief, give your reasons to live on, and cater to your life purpose for as long as you live. 

Healing and nursing a broken heart and mourning the loss of a parent or a loved one is not easy. But you always have help at hand. And some of how you can get this done include the following:

1. Count on the good memories 

Once a person has left the mortal coil of existence, there’s no way to get them back. And if the demise has been unpleasant and tragic, chances are you will be pondering on it repeatedly. Here it is necessary to count on the good memories you have of the person and bring to your mind the loving thoughts. It will not take away your grief all too soon. But it will let you shift your focus from what you have lost to pleasant and beautiful memories. It will help you to cope with your loss better. There will be moments of deep pain and loss. But when you count on the moments of togetherness, you can heal better at a steady pace. 

2. Read the Torah

People often turn to the spiritual world for help and healing when everything seems meaningless. If you are at a dark phase of your life, it’s time that you give the Torah a chance to heal your broken heart and grief. Today, there are online sites where scholars and other experts read the Torah on behalf of you to help you cope better with the loss of a loved one. Here you need to get in touch with the website and share your query, and they will arrange the rest for you. To know more, you can learn Gemara online

3. Say a prayer every day

According to most spiritual healers and authors, prayer has a unique way of mending a broken heart. It can also help people cope with losing a loved one. Many people think that when you pray earnestly, you connect with the deceased person’s energy or soul and share all that you have to. It opens up a channel for soul communication and enables you to give way to all you wanted to tell a concerned person that you couldn’t while they were alive. 

There is no definite way to recover from a loss. Neither is there any fixed way to pray for the deceased individual? The three methods mentioned above can help you in your healing journey and ease your aching heart. 

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