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How Did Cybersecurity Become one of the World’s Newest Job Markets?

by Yash Ranjan

Today ecommerce shops, hospitals, government offices, educational institutions, Slots Capital Casino gaming sites and other platforms with an online presence are aware that, if the establishment doesn’t invest in cybersecurity, the entire enterprise could be put at risk in a moment’s notice.

That’s why, from virus protection and antispyware software to multi-million dollar investments in best practices and cybersecurity pros, businesses are paying big money to secure the reliability, integrity and safety of their networks and digital systems.

If you have an eye for detail and a knack for technology, can learn new computer languages like JavaScript and Golang and have strong skills in communication and presentation, you might want to consider exploring a job in cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity involves securing systems, networks and resources from digital cyberattacks. Most individual users practice cybersecurity by installing an anti-virus program on their computer, refraining from clicking on suspicious attachments and links and trying to stay aware of new scams making the rounds on the Internet.

But increasingly, businesses, governments, non-profits and other entities with an online presence are aware that securing their activities from cybercriminals involves investing in measures that involve a high level of cybersecurity effort.

For individuals, a hack can expose their online profiles, credit card information, personally identifiable information, sensitive documents, passwords, protected health information and other personal data. For a large platform, a hack can mean that the entire operation is put at risk.

Data integrity of users can be compromised, infrastructure can be attacked and the entire organization can be held for ransom, costing millions and millions of dollars.

The cybersecurity industry focuses on providing security to people, businesses and organizations that rely on their online presence to continue to function.

The Need

Cybersecurity Ventures, an e-magazine that researches and covers the global cyber economy and provides cybersecurity facts, reports that over an 8 year period, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs grew by 350 percent. In 2021 the number of open cybersecurity jobs stood at 3.5 million.

The number of unfilled positions continues to rise year-on-year even as the need grows. The cybersecurity industry is committed to increasing the number of certified CISSPs (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of “information security analyst” will  have an employment growth rate of 31 percent over the next decade and will be be the 10th fastest growing occupation.

All this comes at a time when a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report states that most companies worldwide are unprepared for a cyberattack.


There are a wide range of job opportunities in Cyber Security Resume. The job that will be right for you will depend on your background, your education and your experience. As with many other types of jobs, your experience level may bring you into one of the higher levels of cybersecurity that will a degree or a certificate.

Cybersecurity jobs range from security officers and engineers to administrators, specialists and analysts. There are a number of certificate programs that will get you started in cybersecurity but you may find that skills that you have in other technical fields can be transferred to the cyber security space.

Some of those jobs that can be good stepping stones to cyber security jobs include security intelligence and financial and risk analysis.

People already working in the field report that an undergraduate degree in cyber security or a related field isn’t the best preparation for working in cybersecurtiy whereas strong non-technical/soft skills and knowledge of basic and advanced cyber security concepts are more helpful.

Needed Tech Skills

A basic list of the tech skills needed for a career in cyber security involve knowledge of risk assessment and management, understandiong of information systems, knowing how to create new authentication schemes and audit existing ones for possible breaches and data leaks, knowledge of coding languages, knowledge of digital forensics, understanding of firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems and knowledge of Linux (it’s flexibility and transparency makes it a favorite of cybersecurity professionals).

Additional Requirements

Working in cyber security requires that you do well working with a team, are able to present technical topics to people who know little or nothing about tech and  are able to problem-solve quickly and efficiently.

If you have a background in IT and want to move over to cybersecurity you should boost your skills in cryptography, information assurance, security operations and risk assessment and management.

Many employers prize IT workers as cybersecurity consultants because they believe that these people can look at security problems from a number of different angles and find better solutions more quickly.

What do Cyber Security Personnel Do?

Some of the things that cybersecurity personnel do include:

  • Uncovering cyberattacks through digital forensics.
  • Cloud security protection.
  • Penetration testing which involves simulation of a cyberattack to check a system for vulnerabilities.
  • Analyzing organizations to make sure that they comply with industry regulations and government rules.
  • Monitoring active and potential threats to an organization’s cyber security.
  • Monitoring networks for malicious activities.

Joining Cybersecurity Ranks

There are many certification programs (sometimes called “bootcamps”) that will teach you the basic skills needed to begin your work in cybersecurity. In addition, large companies including Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple and Amazon are working together to teach cybersecurity concepts to new students through Code.org. For individuals looking for a good career with plenty of growth opportunity, cybersecurity is a good options.

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