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Tips for writing a successfully CV

by Yash Ranjan
writing a successfully CV

When you are thinking of applying for a new job, your CV serves as your ticket to put your first foot in the door and grab an interview- but how do you get the guarantee that you will surely end up with an interview?

Putting up a CV is simple. It is all about mentioning your experience, education, and skills and customizing it for the job you’re applying for. But what if you don’t meet their requirements? Here are some tips to create cv in a manner to help you secure a job.

Put your basics right

You don’t have a right or wrong way to create a CV. Still, some sections need attention, such as contact information, work history and experience, education and qualifications, related skills, achievements and hobbies and references.

Presentation is important

A good CV is always presented cautiously. It is printed on high-quality paper. The layout is clean, and the CV looks appealing to look at.

The hotspot of the CV is the upper middle area of the page. This is where the eyes of the recruiter first fall, so make sure you have crucial details here.

Do not extend your CV to more than two pages

An effective CV should be concise and to the point. You don’t need pages to write a good CV. A good CV works as an assurance to your potential employer, and if everything is good, there’s a great chance you’ll end up with a job interview. Employers receive hundreds of CVs for a job position, and most will decide on a CV within seconds. So make sure your CV is not more than two A4 pages.

Prepare the CV according to the job description

The clues in the job application are important. Take notes and make points. And fill your resume accordingly. If the job needs experience with sales, make sure you write a section in your CV about it. Demonstrate your skills according to the job description.

Customize the CV according to the job

When you know the job requirement, it is important to match it. Remember, there is no word like a generic CV. Every CV is customized according to a potential employer and a specific job position. It is important to create a unique CV for the job you have applied for. 

Make the most of your abilities 

In the skills section, write down all the major skills that help you stand out from the competition. It can include your interaction skills, technical skills, team working abilities, problem-solving abilities, etc. Think about the skills you have learnt at your old job.

Include references

References from your past employer can work wonders for you. They can vouch for your abilities and experience. If you are a fresher, it is fine to use your teacher as a referee.

Update your CV frequently

It is important to review your CV periodically and add new skills and experience from time to time. Employers are impressed with candidates that make extra effort to boost their skills.

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