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How to make the concept of affordable housing a reality and overcome housing crisis as deciphered by Maxwell Drever

by Cameron James Connor
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Recently, various studies got conducted on the topic of affordable housing. All across the globe, people are taking this issue seriously because of its impact on the economy. Various experts and thinkers are educating people on the problem and are trying to make changes in the community for a better world. But do you know about affordable housing units? These are affordable residential units and livable communities created for the workforce population. Every nation today recognizes the significance of affordable housing because the workforce population forms the backbone of society. 

How did the problem show up? 

The worldwide pandemic is responsible for the increasing gap between the demand and supply of affordable housing. Houses got built, but they are rented and kept on mounting—the cost of construction and delivery of housing rises. Meanwhile, residential unit supply gets crimped because of zoning protocol and housing restrictions. With wage growth remaining flat, it’s difficult for the workforce population to cope with the growing expenses. 

What is the impact of the crisis on the community? 

As a result, there are several cost-burdened households. These are families spending around 40% of their income on paying rent. Because they are hard-pressed among factors like transportation, education, and healthcare, they cannot spend much on housing rent. It’s here that the communities realize the significance of a smooth supply of housing units for the community at large, reflects Maxwell Drever

Various approaches have popped up to affordable housing in the last few years. By designing neighborhoods, building new projects, and repurposing old vacant properties, governments are trying to limit this issue of homelessness. 

What is the way forward towards a better future? 

The practical approach cannot come as a solution for this issue. Only putting shelter overheads and dragging them away from the streets is not the way forward. So what needs to be done? 

  • People must exchange their ideas commercially and socially. Remember that it’s an interconnected network. Hence, proper communication between different sections of society on this issue is necessary. 
  • Mobility and affordability go hand in hand. Cities are beautiful and inspiring places. Hence, the government must keep the environmental factors in mind. When funding different real estate projects, they cannot overlook the ecological aspect. 
  • The projects must be well analyzed under expert guidance. Whether it’s the neighborhood, overall design categories of housing, or unit sizes, everything needs proper attention. 

Transportation and affordable housing are intertwined. People require residential units in the best locations. Hence, the suburban areas are not an option. As a result, Maxwell Drever explains governments must provide better policies for land use in the city centers. 

The time has come for governments to create awareness regarding this issue. Remember that the problem has a drastic impact on the economy. People want to live in open spaces that are dignified and charming. Hence, affordable housing units can get a concrete shape with vigor by relaxing the zoning provisions and cutting down on building restrictions. 

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