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Magical Orlando: Is It for Children Only?

by Yash Ranjan
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The fame of Orlando as the capital of amusement parks is widespread. People know that it is a perfect place for vacations with children when going for a road trip to Florida. The main reason is the abundance of thematic parks, ocean, and broad network. In this article, we want to highlight some activities for the grown-up audience. What can you do and see in sunny and joyful Orlando?

Kennedy Space Center

It is more interactive than a usual museum, where visitors are not allowed to touch anything. It shares more inspiration and education than a science center. And it is a fascinating site, for sure. It is so because here, you can implement ideas to life, touching and making the exhibits work. You can attend the guided tours and learn iconic historical moments or travel to the galaxy’s far reaches with immersive simulations. See the 3D movies that entertain and teach you the universe’s wonders. 

Gatorland Orlando

Then, rent a car in Orlando and head to Gatorland. Besides, a rental car for young drivers is available in this state. You should pay an additional daily fee and are free to go where you need.

You will see the indigenous iconic animal, a giant alligator, there. Indeed, Gatorland is the alligators’ capital. Florida is known for the possibility of eventual meeting with these crocodiles in the lakes or even pools. So when walking you should follow certain rules to not get in trouble.

It is the perfect place to see the fear of those mighty animals is not so huge to prevent you from adoring them. The site does an impressive job of busting myths and educating visitors with its many animal customs and live performances. Moreover, it helps the park’s rescue center recover and rehabilitate injured scaly alligators.

ICONic Tour


Take the unforgettable walk on the city streets that guarantees a full-day adventure in the “Beautiful City.” If you feel bored with the beaches, go to that outdoor activity. You can rent and drive through the city center. So the hit and the lack of time will not scare you. Besides, you will save money on public transportation or taxis. Then you see the picturesque Aeola Lake. You will like the local nature! You can spend some time on the water near Lake Eola. The ICONic tour will do that for you! Alternatively, you may choose a trip on a boat cruise on the Chain of Lakes.

Those who love fashion will like the street style and abundance of boutiques by the day. The itinerary includes stops on Park Avenue and ICON Park. Another destination is the local Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. You will like the figures and take many photos. Then, see the spectacular Orlando views while taking a spin on the 400-foot Ferris Wheel. As well you can go shopping, look for architecture, and listen to live performances and shows.

Revolution Adventures

If you are passionate about adrenaline and seek some outdoor activities in Orlando, Revolution Adventures is what you should select. Use under 25 car rental Orlando to get there. Car rental under 25 is available to students since 21 yo. Local service has about 15 years of experience with these sports vehicles. Thus, many name the Revolution Adventures the best and most advanced off-road vehicles and trails in Florida. Almost two hundred thirty acres wait for the lovers who ride alone or are looking for a great day out with a group of friends. Race on different types of terrain on various machines, like quad bikes, buggies, and all-wheel-drive vehicles. You do not need to be afraid of your safety, because Revolution Adventures cares for it.  You will receive helmets and all the supplementary things directly there. With so many hills and off-roads to explore, you will not be bored!


We suggest you see Orlando in a brand new way. Its magic is revealed with the illuminating lights you see from the bird’s view height. You can preorder any of the tailor-made tours in and around Orlando. That matches any occasion. You can invite the beloved one, spend some time with a family member, or have an adventure with children. In any case, you will make bright memories.

You can choose any route: climb to watch the city’s theme parks, business centers, and parks below. A helicopter flight over the magical glittering town below is guaranteed to leave you impressed and enjoying no matter what you like. If you lose the sense of standing on the Solid Ground, you will feel grateful for coming back on it!

Thus, you see that when arranging the route ahead of the trip, find new and fascinating places except for the famous theme parks. So, use our suggested sites and activities. We wish you a wonderful trip!

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