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How a 5-star hotel in Manilla can be the backdrop to a perfect vacation

by Yash Ranjan

As the world seemingly gets smaller and more of us enjoy travel experiences to far flung places, the challenge is on to find new destinations to broaden the mind. Some with a spirit of adventure yearn for somewhere that will capture the heart and soul and open new boundaries.

Anyone with an eye to history and learning local culture and self-education is likely to travel that little bit further to satisfy their lust. Such travellers are well advised to visit a vibrant capital city in a country with a rich tapestry and choose the best of the 5-star bay view hotels in Manila

  • To get the most from any stay, a prime location is vital. Visitors who want to get most of its exciting existence should head to the area which provides stunning views of Manilla Bay across Roxas Boulevard. This gateway to the city is guaranteed to captivate minds and provide lifelong memories.
  • History is captured inside the hotel as an aura of the golden Age of Manilla has been recreated. Guests and visitors stand and admire the incredible Las Paginas de la Historia art installation, as well as taking time to appreciate the Filipino-Spanish design and architecture, which has been integrated into contemporary aesthetics. Men who have taken advice on how to buy a stylish polo shirt, will feel especially comfortable in the surroundings.
  • Any guest will find accommodation to suit them, with some perhaps opting for a Superior Room. The décor leaves little doubt to their location through infusing local art and design. A Nespresso machine following a fascinating trawl of the locality and Bose sound bar will provide relaxation, as will the other amenities.
  • For those wanting to do it with style, they will be satisfied staying in a Presidential Suite. They are provided with a huge space, ideal for welcoming guests or for those in the Philippines on business. The long and interesting history of the hotel is reflected, with objects d’art and elegant décor. A dining area, living space, and large bedroom offers the ultimate in relaxation while in a perfect location.
  • A 24-hour fitness centre is a fantastic way for those looking to remain in trim to look after their bodies, fully equipped with all the latest kit and facilities. Those looking to chillax will love the rooftop pool with staggering ocean views, while those wishing to reinvigorate the body can take full advantage of the pampering that will be administered as the mind also gets an opportunity to reflect and relax after a visit to a quirky museum.
  • Foodies who enjoy local cuisine will feel satisfied and replenished with the wide range of options available. Comfort food right through to fine dining experiences is provided. Maybe watching the sunset on a rooftop bar or even getting to meet locals in the basement club will all offer fun and enjoyment.

Manilla and the best 5-star hotel are guaranteed to provide a fascinating and exhilarating experience in a unique atmosphere with jaw dropping views to create lifetime memories.

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