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Choosing a Good 13 Inch Gaming Laptops in Singapore

by Radhe Gupta
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Finding the right gaming laptop can be tough—especially if you have strict requirements on what size it needs to be, how much storage you need, and other features you’re looking for. To help make this task easier, here are 5 things to keep in mind when buying your next 13-inch gaming laptop in Singapore.

1. Processor

The processor is an essential component of a gaming computer, and many PC manufacturers take pride in boasting that they include powerful CPUs. It’s important to have a high-performing CPU if you’re going to be doing significant gaming with good 13-inch gaming laptops. You should consider more than just clock speed when making your decision.

Other factors that you should consider include whether there are multiple cores (which speeds up your processing time), how much cache memory it is available, and what kind of operating system will be running on your computer. In terms of specific processors, Intel and AMD lead the market with their Core i3, i5, and i7 lines respectively.

2. Storage

The more storage a laptop has, generally speaking, then the means you can store more things on it and play games with higher levels of detail. This is particularly helpful if you plan to pick up a lot of large games to play over long flights or commutes.

If you’re looking at gaming laptops from trusted companies, such as Razor, then it’s worth checking how many RAM slots they have as well, since these will determine how much memory you can add to your machine.

3. RAM

It’s better to have too much RAM than not enough, and you shouldn’t need to pay extra in order to ensure you get it. To make sure you’re getting a solid experience while gaming with good 13-inch gaming laptops, aim for a minimum of 8GB DDR3 RAM when choosing your next laptop. For example, if you have an expensive laptop with 16GB of RAM, consider adding another 4GB of RAM so that you can enjoy most games without having to upgrade.

4. Display

One of the most important features of a laptop is its display. When it comes to a gaming laptop, you want one with a great screen and good viewing angles, but at a reasonable price point. Pay attention to how many pixels your display has—the higher that number is, the better your gaming experience will be. Most displays have 1080p screens, which are more than sufficient for games and movies.

5. Design/Ergonomics

When choosing a 13-inch gaming laptop, it’s worth taking some time to consider its design and build quality. A laptop that feels solid and well-built is more likely to stand up to wear and tear over time, even if you only use it for light gaming.

Most laptops will feel sturdy enough for portability, but weight can be a concern. Look for one that weighs in at under 5 pounds (around 2.3 kg), preferably less; you should also consider its dimensions (thickness plus width) to ensure it’s comfortable to carry around when you need it out on the road or traveling from place to place.

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