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Know the Stores Where You Can Pay with Bitcoins

by Radhe Gupta

Smart people upgrade and adjust with changes, evolve their lifestyle with new technologies, adapt with advanced economic frameworks, and so what it is to accept Bitcoin. Take it or leave it, Bitcoin is the booming thing in 2022, which is taking the world in a swift in its blaze. Exchange platforms like https://thequantumai.app/  are witnessing the swift and developing influence of cryptocurrency which is taking over the global market, with small to large scale businesses stepping up to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. 

Bitcoin Acceptance Trend

In 2022, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are setting up new milestones of acceptance with mid-scale to market whales adhering to cryptocurrency trading. 

Just, for example, BTCS Inc. has recently declared a distribution of dividend “Bividend” payable in bitcoin. It is perhaps the first of its kind among Nasdaq-listed companies, to launch a $0.05 Bividend in Bitcoin against every share of company stock. However, to receive this one-of-a-kind dividend, you need a Bitcoin wallet and have access through an exchange. Stock owners can also opt-out of the owner against cash for all the Bividend they own. 

In the USA according to one of the recent surveys conducted by the HSB nationwide survey operated by Zogby Analytics, 36% of the small and mid-sized enterprises accept and acknowledge cryptocurrency. Amongst this percentage, 59% of the companies own their private cryptocurrency investments. 

Among the popular companies who accept cryptocurrency now are:

1. Whole Foods

Whole Foods, a popular multinational supermarket chain in Texas, has incorporated bitcoin payment acceptance in co-operation withFlexa systems. This Amazon-owned USDA-certified grocer chain store has installed a network of digital scanners in stores for seamless scanning of digital wallets of customers who want to pay with bitcoins. Whole Foods also accepts bitcoin payments viaApplePay.

2. Subway

In 2013 just after 4 years of the emergence of bitcoins, Subway started accepting Bitcoin payment. US Subway is considered to be one of the first-row chain restaurants that started to acknowledge cryptocurrency payments. However, not all locations of Subway branches accept bitcoins yet, as the company itself has not integrated this payment option into its system. Instead, Subway has a co-partnership with e-gift selling companies who also sell Subway gift cards, and it is these companies who accept online bitcoin payments

3. HomeDepot

The home improvement and hardware chain store HomeDepot accepts bitcoins as a mode of payment in their store. Their payment systems are integrated with Flexa checkout systems which have advanced cryptocurrency payments coding to enable easy payment with Bitcoins. 

4. Domino’s  

As a part of the grand celebration of On Bitcoin Pizza Day, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza’s located in the Netherlands initiated payment of their 1000 employees with bitcoins. The franchise entered a partnership with BTC Direct to initiate the bitcoin payments. Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated on May 22, in honor of Laszlo Hanyeczthe first customer who ordered pizza paid with Bitcoin in 2010.

5. Coca Cola

Both in Australia and New Zealand, Coca-Cola has invested to install 2000coca-cola vending machines. Coca-Cola has entered intoan exclusive collaboration with an asset platform to accept bitcoin payments from more customers. 

6. Juliette Interiors UK

Among retailers in the UK, Juliette Interiors enlisted itself to be the first British Luxury retailer who started accepting bitcoin payment. The retailer intends to capture and integrate with not only the UK market but internationally by accepting Bitcoins. 

7. Yum Brands

Yum Brands just like many other fast-food chains like Taco Bell, KFC, The Habit Burger Grill, or Pizza Hut are approaching the market with a renewed perspective of the presence of digital currency. Digital currency is widely being accepted in these food joints across many of their locations, though not all. 

8. Starbucks

Starbucks has also introduced a bitcoin payment mode through the IPayYou crypto wallet system for all online purchases through their app. However, it does not accept bitcoins in their in-store purchases. This means if you want to pay, you need to have a Starbuck app on your mobile. 

This was a short glimpse of only a hand-counted few stores and companies moving with the wave of time and advancements in the economical world, and with progressive thinking,who are accepting bitcoins. In the future ahead the trend is going to expand its influence further.

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