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Why Did Cryptocurrency Price Drop, and Is There a Chance It Will Boost Again?

by Yash Ranjan

Crypto assets are attractive options for investment and trading due to their high price volatility. By investigating the cryptocurrency exchange rate, investors get an understanding of when it is the best time to buy or sell assets to make a profit and not lose money. Let’s see some key indicators of all digital coins.

What characterizes digital assets:

  • Market cap for cryptocurrency. That is the value of all the crypto coins issued and staying in circulation, calculated by multiplying the current cryptocurrency exchange rate by the number of coins in circulation.
  • Price. 
  • Trade volume – the sum of all trades of a particular crypto asset throughout exchanges fixed during a specific period, often in 24 hours. 

 Why Did Cryptocurrency Price Drop in Spring 2022?

In the spring of 2022, the cryptocurrency market collapsed, creating panic among investors. There were some reasons for it. For example, the coming crisis and increasing inflation, FED innovations, and anxious news background. Add Binance’s blocking BTC withdrawals for a while, and we get a market collapse. First dropped Bitcoin, and other assets followed as usual. Amid the bear trend, investors started to get rid of their crypto assets, spinning the panic and decreasing the demand even further. 

However, that was not the first time we witnessed crypto winter. The market goes through ups and downs, moving in cycles. And every time the crisis ends and time for a bull trend comes. This time it is not an exception, and cryptocurrency exchange rate will rise when the trend changes. So it is wise to buy digital assets now and hold them until the trend changes. And it will definitely do.

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