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How To Join KuCoin Content Program-Informative Guide

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KuCoin is simple to use for those accustomed to cryptocurrency trading because it is quite similar to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Since KuCoin is essentially an exchange, it focuses on trading cryptocurrencies. Its edge over rivals is the number of currency pairs it provides. Others limit themselves to a limited portion of the whole market, where. In contrast, KuCoin renowned for adding new cryptocurrency pairings regularly XRP USDT and apt usdt are examples. To be clear, when we talk about “cryptocurrency pairings,” we mean cryptocurrencies that may be swapped for others. ‘Bitcoin pairings,’ for example, are all the currencies that may be swapped for Bitcoin. This is also referred to as a trading pair. KuCoin has continuously evolved, allowing users to trade over 200 cryptocurrencies.

With the brand name KuCoin Content Program, KuCoin hopes to increase the number of people who can contribute to the development of the KuCoin Ecosystem.

We have set up a prize pool of over $1 million to recognise and reward those who produce excellent content to encourage others to do the same. Everyone who is interested in the business and who creates content is welcome to take part actively and win fantastic rewards.

Every month, KuCoin will update the relevant section of the KuCoin Content Program page. Users may develop and post material by the guidelines after choosing a topic, giving them a chance to earn incentives. For everyone, we will present 4 subjects in the first phase (April). Each excellent submission will receive a $500 BTC award for their efforts. Per user is permitted to create up to three topics each month. Additionally, we will choose one of the top creators each month to get an extra $1,250 incentive. We have established a prize fund of over $1 million to support this new initiative and encourage additional participants to generate high-quality work. 

How Do I Join the KuCoin Content Program?

Choosing your topics

Select the topics that interest you from the available choices for the current month. Before creating a subject, be sure to review the guidelines and specifications. The chosen topic should be appropriate for the size of your content. Avoid choosing a subject that may encourage you to summarise instead of examine or evaluate.

Make your own content

You can produce material in any format, including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos, and written pieces. Please share any more intriguing suggestions you may have with us. Before you begin writing, review the guidelines and specifications for your selected themes. View our suggestions for honing your content.

Put your content in

Once finished, submit your material by completely filling out the submission form. Remember to follow all instructions and turn in your work before the end of each month. Your right to the award will be forfeited if you don’t comply.

Earn Bitcoin prizes.

Your work will be assessed by KuCoin primarily on its general quality and impact. By the 10th of the next month, winners of the prizes will receive emails. Rewards will be given out on the fifteenth day of each month.

Every month, new subjects are presented for you to choose from to produce your masterpiece and be eligible to earn BTC prizes. As a result, to assist you in joining our KuCoin Content Creator Program, we have produced a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through each stage.

The KuCoin content assessment committee will rate the works provided by producers based on the following five aspects, each with a distinct scoring ratio, and the overall score is 100 marks. To qualify, you must get a score of at least 70 out of 100. The following are the content assessment criteria:

How much of the material is on-brand, and how well KuCoin has highlighted the originality of the ideas and compelling viewpoints. How the article affected your social media. The topic is appropriately reflected in the text. The overall success of the information. Attracted legitimate new users to KuCoin.


We’ve shown in this KuCoin lesson that signing up for the platform isn’t the trickiest of processes. You’ll need to remember more than just your login because of all the security measures the platform has implemented. Consider the Trading Password carefully. Furthermore, it is available as a mobile phone application for Android and iOS. Finally, you can be certain that your account is completely safe, owing to two-factor authentication and other features.

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