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How do you estimate roof repairs?

by Yash Ranjan
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Are you thinking of repairing your roof?

And wondering how much it would cost?

One of the main concerns of homeowners when planning a roof repair is the cost. The best way to know if your pocket can survive a roof repair is to ask roofing service providers for estimates.

So, the next question is – how do roof repair experts come up with such quoted amount?

How do you estimate roof repairs?

Generally, estimates are made by getting the measurements of the area that needs repair and computer as against the cost per square metre. If the cost per metre is $50 and the area of the repair is 15 square metres, the computed cost will be $750.

However, several factors are considered when providing an estimate. In some cases, they also provide comparative estimates between having a roof repair or replacement. There are times when replacing the entire roof can be a better option than repairing it.

Here are some factors that roof experts consider when estimating roof repairs:

1. Existing Condition of the Roof

On top of the list is the current condition of the roof. This includes the following:

  • Plants, algae, moulds and mildew that grew on the roof;
  • Rust, dirt and debris that have accumulated over time; 
  • Broken and chipped roofing material; and
  • Leaking roofs.

The condition of your roof is an important factor to consider so your roof service provider would know what type of repair to provide. This also helps determine the needed materials in repairing and restoring the condition of your roof.

2. Materials Needed

After checking the condition of your roof, all the needed materials will be listed along with the cost of each. Let’s say, your tile roof needs algae clearing, broken tile replacements, rebedding and repointing.

The list of materials needed may include roof tiles to replace those that are broken as well as ridge tiles and mortar and laundry bleach. The cost of materials will vary depending on the damaged tiles and the area covered by algae.

3. Cost of Labour

The cost of labour is also dependent on the scope of repairs needed for the roof. It also includes the size of your roof, if the repairers would need added precautionary measures and other restoration services that you may request from them.

For example, you requested a heat reflective membrane after the repair. In which case, the cost of labour would include, the cleaning of the roof, the repairs made and the painting services. You should also keep in mind that the cost of labour encompasses the safety of the repairers.

4. Processing Permits

Another factor that may add up to your roofing estimate is the processing of documents or work permits. The cost and requirements for processing permits vary per locality or state. In most cases, this is processed by your roofing contractors, hence, included in the estimate.

If you wish to process the permit for renovations, you may contact the Brisbane City Council or the town planner.

5. Clean-up and Pack-up

The last thing that roof repairers factor in is the clean up after the roof repair and services. In case they need to build scaffolding or grid guards, they should be cleaned after the repair. All roofing materials that were removed and replaced should also be cleared from the premises. This helps ensure that no damage or accident may happen later on.

Why is it important to get a roof repair estimate?

Asking a roofing expert to give you an estimate can help you prepare the needed budget to restore the beauty and functionality of your roof. Getting a quote can also help you understand whether you should go for a repair or a full roof replacement.

Is it necessary to get estimates from different providers?

Generally, it is highly recommended to consult different roof service providers so you could compare prices and the kind of service they can offer. This way, you can assess which is the best provider for the repair you needed.

Is choosing the cheapest estimate the right thing to do?

A cheaper estimate may not really mean that you can save money. In the same way that the most expensive estimate can mean quality service. Considering the factors discussed earlier, you should make sure that your roofing repair goals are met.

So, choosing the cheapest estimate may or may not be the bright thing to do. It now depends on whether the estimate can help you achieve your roof repair goals.

What should be included in the estimate?

During the property inspection, roof repairers will check the condition of the roof, building and surroundings. Essentially, these and other expenses needed to complete the repair will be listed in the estimate.

Below are the important details that should be included:

  1. Project description: type of repair and services included;
  2. Cost of materials, labour and permit: should be listed with complete information;
  3. Warranties and Guaranties: quality of craftsmanship and warranty on materials to be installed;
  4. Clean-up: additional services to clean the premises after the repair;
  5. Payment: includes mode of payment and any financing options; and
  6. Provisions for alterations or changes not included in the project description.

Ready for a roof repair?

Contact your trusted roofing repair provider in Brisbane today!

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