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Latest trends in locksmith technology 2022

by Yash Ranjan
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Home security technology continues to improve each year. As it develops, we have access to homes that are more secure and capable of helping us rest easy into the night.

At the forefront of tech trends is the common lock and key. It’s constantly evolving around the world’s shift towards smarter systems and technologies as well. Since the trends regarding locksmith technology are constantly evolving, we’re getting access to better security in our homes in the future too.

Here are some of the most important trends to look into this 2022.

1. Digital Locks

Digital locks is a technology that sees the use of fingerprint scanners and digital keypads as the primary locking mechanism of doors. People used to have their reservations about the technology and that shouldn’t be surprising. It’s still developing and young so security might not be as tough as one might think.

However, digital locks and digital doors have dramatically improved over the last couple of years. Aside from being more secure, they are also more accessible. There are various security lock distributors that can provide a lock system according to your needs and budget.

We most often see this technology incorporated into business settings and buildings around Australia. However, they’re becoming more and more common in residential homes as well.

What this shows isn’t just the improvements that digital doors have had over the last few years. It also shows that people now trust technology even more. That isn’t to say that the traditional lock and key is going away within the next few years.

Locksmith experts at All Coast Locksmiths believe that even after this new trend in digital locks, many people are still going to prefer the classic lock and key. Aside from being cheaper, people also see it as the option that’s more tried and tested, as well as accessible.

2. Smart Locks

Can you imagine unlocking your door using your smartphone?

Another emerging form of digital locks are smart locks. As with other technologies that have the “smart” tag, smart locks give you the ability to control your door’s lock with your smartphone.

The technology does sound convenient. What’s even better is that it allows you to remotely control your door’s lock. Say you forgot to lock your door and you’re already a few minutes away from your house. With just a few taps, you can lock your door using your smartphone.

The technology is still young and developing. Many people have their qualms regarding the security that this provides. It aims at giving your more power and control over your door locks wherever you are.

It is very convenient but many are hoping that there are more security measures considered for this.

3. Electromagnetic Locks

These are locks that can be activated or deactivated with the press of a finger. Electromagnetic locks are secure and durable because of the quality of materials used in the locking mechanism.

More public spaces like parks and social gathering areas are using electromagnetic locks are a primary form of security. What makes them amazing is that they are very quick and easy to use as well. It’s the perfect type of security for places that people pass through regularly.

The future of electromagnetic locks might be focused on experts creating a more secure way to operate these locks.

4. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has improved greatly over the years too. Since they are now more accurate, they also offer better security as well. The technology is very accessible on smartphones but now, they’re also being used on doors.

Facial scanners might just be the future we are headed to when it comes to locksmith technology. As we see in films, people are going to have to use their faces as a means to lock and open doors. It’s a very convenient locking mechanism as we no longer have to use our hands-on doors for locks eventually.

What helped make this possible is the use of facial recognition on smartphones. Today, you can see facial recognition locks in high-tech establishments only. It might only be a matter of when and not if it becomes more accessible for residential purposes as well.

5. Camera Locks

Peepholes are a great way to help you see through your door and check out who’s there at the other side. It gives you an otherwise obstructed view of the people behind your doors which is still a lot better than not actually knowing who’s there.

An evolution of this technology are camera locks. Now, there are locks that have cameras and mics installed. Using your smartphone, you can communicate with people through the camera. 

Whether it’s a delivery man or a complete stranger, camera locks provide an extra layer of security to your home.

These are the biggest trends when it comes to locksmith technology. Aside from security, experts are also looking to improve the convenience behind locking mechanisms. It’s exciting to see how well the future changes for locksmiths and security.

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