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10 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

by Yash Ranjan
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So, after years of hard work, you’ve finally found the home of your dreams. The thing is, you need to move and everyone knows how stressful it can be.

Before you complain and fill the air with anxiety, breathe, sit down and let us take a few minutes of your time. Read through these tips and tricks that can help you move without fuss.

10 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

1. Start Your Move with a Plan

Nothing works better than starting your move with a plan. Stay focused on your moving goals – that is, to move without stress and hassles.

Sort out your schedule.

  • Get your family on board. Make sure that everyone – your spouse and kids are okay with the move.
  • If your move includes changing your career or company, make sure that you have informed your employer about this. And resign properly.
  • Remember to inform the people close to you about your move. Visit your friends if necessary.
  • Layout a day-to-day program and objective. For example, the first two days will be for sorting all your things, then the third day will be for packing your room, the fourth day will be for packing the living room, so on and so forth.
  • Schedule a survey day for your removalist to quote your move.
  • Finally, set the date for the big day.

2. Make an Inventory

One of the most tiring but beneficial processes when moving is making an inventory. You will have to list all the items you own and group them accordingly. When listing, have columns for important or valuable belongings, things you would bring along and things you need to dispose of.

If there are things you no longer need, make sure to categorise them as well, like for selling, donation and trash. A new home should be a new start. So, it is best to leave clutters behind.

Here’s an extra trickask your family members to make an inventory for their room.

3. Set Out a Budget You Can Work on

One of the most important things that you need to consider when moving is your budget. It does not end with purchasing your new home but also the expenses of moving. Check whether or not your budget can cover full removals services or just the moving process.

4. Prep Your Little Ones

Moving houses can mean a new beginning or perhaps new challenges. Not all kids can understand the idea behind moving, especially those who have built good friendships over the years in your current place. So, it is highly recommended that you talk to your little ones with patience and sincerity.

Make sure that you help them understand why you are moving. In some instances, let them know the benefits of doing so. For example, meeting new friends or having your own home. Make moving for your little ones something to look forward to and exciting.

5. Find a Reliable and Reputable Removalist

Another tip to making a stress-free move is to find a removalist you can trust and depend on. You should also make sure that your removalist can cater to your moving needs. Know if they can service the location of your new home.

Whether you are moving locally or interstate, know if your removalist can do packing services and storage, if needed. You should also consider the extent of their policies in terms of any loss or breakage. And most of all, ask them about the reliability of their communication systems.

6. Look for Boxes and Containers

Whether or not you will do the packing yourself or ask your movers to do so, it is highly recommended that you look for quality boxes and containers to prevent any damage or breakage in your belongings.

One of the basic pointers that may want to consider is to have similar sizes of boxes or containers. This can help prevent them from trampling over during the move.

7. Follow a Labelling System

The best way to label the boxes and containers is to use the names of their owners or the room they belong to. Let’s say the boxes contain kitchen utensils or cookware, then you can just label them with “kitchen – pots and pans.”

Another way of labelling the boxes is with colour coding. Use a particular colour for each room. For example, all toiletries are labelled blue while the boxes that contain your belongings can be labelled with purple.

8. Make a Moving Day Survival Kit

If you are unpacking your stuff, it is most likely that you will not finish unpacking on the first day. So, it is advisable that you pack a survival kit, including some food, utensils, charger, matches, candles, clothes, pillows, blanket, toiletries and other things that are essential on your first day in your new home.

9. Ensure You’re Good to Go the Day Before the Move

A day before the big day, check everything. Make sure that you did not forget to pack anything, especially important documents and valuable things.

If you have pets or plants, have them ready for the move. Bathe your pets and bring them to the pet clinic. Ask the veterinarian if there is a need to purchase some food and medication.

If you are transporting plants, water them and place all of them in a basket. Do not mix them with other things and if possible bring them personally during the move.

10. Check Important Documents

Lastly, pack important documents separately. Similar to pets and plants, it may be best to bring or carry them with you on moving day.

Ready for the big day?

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