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How to Stop Seasonal Allergies Immediately

by Radhe Gupta
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With the smog situation going on in the whole world, a lot of people are seen sneezing and coughing. And also with the spring season approaching there is a lot of hope for the sunshine to shine on us, but along with that, there is a lot of pollen spread being observed. In this season however the plants grow and the flowers bloom, the pollen produced can be very damaging for some people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  

According to the best ent specialist in Lahore, a lot of people get worried very quickly when they even sneeze in the spring season. However, it is not necessary to visit a doctor every time you have allergies. There are some of the tried and tested ways natural remedies for seasonal allergies treatment that can be used. 

What are Seasonal Allergies? 

Seasonal allergies occur when the pollen from a flower is inhaled by a human being and then this causes the body to respond in a way that it thinks is a threat. 

Water-soluble proteins are released on the lining of the lungs by the body when the pollen is breathed in. These are harmless proteins but the body considers them as a threat and starts producing antibodies.

This triggers the production of histamine which is a big trigger to causing allergy symptoms. 

There are different types of pollen allergies and these can have different sources like flowers, hay, weeds, grasses, and various types of trees. Not all people are bothered by all the pollen that is present in the world. Different people are triggered by different types of pollen.  

Major Symptoms to Watch Out For

The Major Symptoms Observed Across the Board Include, 

  • Itchy throat
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Wheezing

If there are other breathing issues that someone is suffering from, there are high chances that the symptoms, in this case, will show severe effects on the body. 

Effective Treatments to Stop Seasonal Allergies Immediately at Home 

However, there are a number of anti-allergy medications that can help you out in curing allergies. But there are a lot of remedies that one can use in order to get rid of allergies. These are not proven scientifically but can work effectively and provide benefits. Let;’s have a closer look,

Herbal Teas

Teas can help a lot in soothing the congestion in the nose and throat. Teas like red clover, milk thistle, ginkgo, and yarrow are made up of herbal combinations that can help ease inflammation. This also eases all the inflammation caused as a result of inflammatory response.

Air Conditioning

It is very necessary to keep the doors and windows in the house closed. Make use of the air conditioners that are available in the house. For the people who can’t afford one, just make sure that you stay indoors and if possible in the bedroom during the allergy season. 

Wash Clothes More Frequently

Make sure that you wash clothes more often. Especially in the case of pollen allergies. Make sure you take a bath when you come back from outdoors and change your clothes more than usual. 

Dietary Changes

You need to eliminate certain foods if you want your allergies to stop affecting you. Some restrictions in the diet can prove to be very helpful. A lot of people are allergic to wheat, gluten, and even raw vegetables. Make sure that you avoid those to get the allergies treated. 


When the nasal passages get blocked they can be very painful as these can cause inflammation in the nose. Use a humidifier to lower the inflammation. Make sure that the humidifier you are using is the cool mist one, as the warm ones can be proven to be deadly if used for longer periods of time.

Saline Sprays

It is important to make use of nasal sprays as often as you can if you are allergic and sneeze all the time. Washing your nose 3 to 4 times a day can prove to be of great help. The spray serves in relieving the symptoms of congestion and persistent irritation in the throat and nose. 


The immune system depends a lot on the food that we consume and the nutrients that we take. The use of probiotics can increase the gut flora. In the past, it was said that the use of probiotics can be done by anyone. But now they can be used by people older than the age 12 months. 

But recent studies say that probiotics can be consumed by children lesser than this age span too.  Before using probiotics as a natural treatment do consult your doctor. 

Raw Honey

It has been recommended to use honey in smaller amounts to cope with seasonal allergies. You can have it by mixing it in water. Or you can just consume it raw. Make sure that you dont give raw honey to kids younger than 1 year. Another effective remedy is by making a paste of honey, ginger juice, and black pepper. You can easily lick it in the day several times. This is one of the best natural remedies for seasonal allergies. 


If there is constant itchiness felt by a person all the time, then there are a few natural antihistamines that you can give your child in order to cope with the allergies.  

Some of these you can get from OTC stores. They immediately make a difference after their consumption as they are highly dissolvable and dont cause drowsiness. 


Allergies can be havoc to deal with. Although there are certain medications that can be used to treat them, it is always better to try out home remedies that can help relieve the symptoms. The answer to the question of how to treat allergies can never be a definite one. It’s important to not rush for the medicines right away and make sure that you go to the best ENT doctor for the treatment and the correct diagnosis of the allergy that is bothering you. 

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