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Helpful Tips For Using Numbing Cream For Skin

by Thomas Browne
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If you have been planning to get a tattoo for the first time; you may be feeling a little intimidated about the process. You might be feeling a little nervous about the process but you might be mostly daunted about the pain you might have to go through when getting the tattoo. The thought may terrify you, even more, when you have a very low tolerance level of pain. Nonetheless, you can use numbing cream for skin as it is a great way to numb the pain you feel when getting a tattoo so that you can get a tattoo in a comfortable manner. Using a numbing cream will also reduce the discomfort levels you might feel while getting a tattoo. This enhances the entire tattooing process not only for you but also for the tattoo artist as they are able to focus on creating the tattoo more properly. 

Understanding numbing creams 

Numbing creams have anesthetic agents present in them which enables you to numb the area of pain when getting a tattoo. These numbing creams can come in handy for waxing, tattooing, dermal fillers, and various other procedures which might be painful. 

Myths regarding tattoo numbing cream 

Many people think that applying numbing cream is bad while getting a tattoo since it can reduce the quality of the tattoo you are getting. However, when you are applying the numbing cream for skin you need to apply it in the right manner for it to be effective. You need to buy a numbing cream that is particularly formulated to be effective on broken skin so that the numbing cream can work when you are getting a tattoo. 

Purchasing a numbing cream that is not formulated for broken skin won’t be much effective while getting a tattoo and if you buy a poor quality numbing cream, the cream will start working only after the tattoo gun penetrates your skin’s upper layer. It is also important to ensure that you don’t leave your numbing cream on the skin for more than an hour because it can cause interior tattoo issues which can damage the tissues of your skin. Therefore, it is essential to keep these things in mind when you are applying numbing cream on your skin while getting a tattoo. 

Things to remember before getting a tattoo 

You may have met with your tattoo artist and you may have already chosen a design that you want to be inked in your body and you may have scheduled an appointment with the artist too. However, these are not the only things that will prepare you for getting a tattoo. You need to keep a few factors in mind if you want your tattoo session to go in a comfortable and organised manner. 

  • During the fortnight of the tattooing procedure, do not drink heavily. It is essential to stay sober. Your blood can become thin if you drink heavily which will cause you more pain while getting a tattoo. Ensure that you get a complete rest and sleep for at least eight hours the night before you get a tattoo. 
  • When you have taken proper rest, your energy levels will be high and this can also help you to reduce your anxiety. Hence, when you apply the numbing cream for skin, it will be more effective and you can sit still and be comfortable in the chair. Do not forget to hydrate yourself. Bringing a water bottle along to drink while getting the tattoo and staying hydrated is recommended. If you suffer from low blood sugar, bringing some snacks to munch in between can also be helpful. 
  • Ensure that you have checked the cost of getting the tattoo beforehand so that you don’t have to spend a huge amount at the last moment. Take out a print photo of the design you want to ink in your body so that the tattoo artist can have a good and easy reference. 
  • Shave and clean the area of the skin in which you’re planning to get the tattoo done. Apply the numbing cream for skin at least half an hour or one hour before getting the tattoo so that it can work effectively when you’re getting the tattoo. 

Lasting duration of numbing cream

The duration of most of them over the counter numbing creams is an estimate of one hour after it is initially applied to the skin. You will only feel the aftereffects of the numbing cream after a few seconds of applying it. Once it is applied, you might witness some faint sensation of tingling or the loss of sharp sensation gradually. Most numbing creams reach their full effect after you have applied them for at least twenty-five to thirty minutes. After these minutes, your skin will begin to feel completely numb. After an hour, the effects of the numbing cream for skin may slowly start to fade and the affected area may regain the total sensation. 

There are many products that have been formulated to last and be effective for more than an hour. After their initial application, they claim to be effective for at least four hours. If you are getting a bigger tattoo, you might want to consider using numbing creams whose efficiency lasts for a longer duration. If you’re getting a smaller tattoo, a one-hour effective numbing cream can do the work. 
Getting a tattoo using a numbing cream is quickly becoming the popular method of getting a tattoo since it gives total comfort to the client as well as to the tattoo artist. You can get any design inked in your body without going through the fear of pain. You don’t have to go through the painful procedure of getting a tattoo anymore because using numbing cream for skin is a splendid idea for you to numb the pain of the area in which you are getting a tattoo. Make sure you buy a high-quality numbing cream that can be effective and can provide great relief when you are getting a tattoo.

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