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Bitcoin Prime Launches New Updates and Additional Features

by Yash Ranjan
Bitcoin Prime

There hasn’t been much competition for Bitcoin Prime this year as they haven’t slowed down a single bit. Adamant about brand and customer loyalty, the company is always looking to provide more value to its users and the cryptocurrency market in its entirety. The company believes the fraudulence and distrust in the market need to stop, and they work hard at being an example of trust and reliability. For this article, I will dive into Bitcoin Prime’s new features, along with other updates users will enjoy. 

Everything You Need In One Place

At one point and time in the company’s history, users would only use their software passively while spending most of their retention on the major exchanges. It’s understandable, considering most people will put their money with what they’re more familiar with. Now that the company is a couple of years down the road, those same users have entirely ditched their manual trading on various exchanges and now entrust Bitcoin Prime and its software to do it for them. 

Growing a healthy crypto portfolio can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Not to mention that the market is open 24/7, and there’s plenty of bad things that can happen to your portfolio in your sleep. Traders have often been awake at three in the morning because some viral news caused their investments to slump. Sure, there are many ways you can protect yourself, but managing it all is difficult. So, Bitcoin Prime is here to have you covered all year round. Below you’ll find a bulleted list of some of their recent updates.

What’s New?

● Across the website and software, navigation and UI has been updated as users were experiencing a handful of glitches

● They now have one of the most detailed FAQ sections covering a wide range of topics to ease investors concerns

● They’ve added additional crypto pairs to the software and have more coming down the pipeline

● Users can now use Bitcoin Prime on a mobile or desktop device

● The company has updated its AI to operate better in our current market space

● You can now withdraw all of your funds within seconds

● The software has been updated to have better accuracy with its buy and sell calls

The Next Objective

At the pace Bitcoin Prime is growing, it’s becoming apparent that they’re becoming the top choice in their market space. No other software comes close to what Bitcoin Prime can do, not to mention they’re able to take any investor’s portfolio and optimize it within a matter of days for best potential yields. As previously stated, users have nothing to worry about regarding the security of their investments, as the company’s AI is created to adapt to any volatile change in the market. 

Now that the company has their website and software where they want it to be, they can continue focusing on value-centric objectives for its users. Right now, the company is receiving tons of positive feedback, along with constructive criticism from the crypto community. The team at Bitcoin Prime always uses criticism to their advantage. Understanding what’s needed to progress as a business tends to be a challenging task, and due to the company’s collaborative nature, this has allowed them to avoid many rookie mistakes.

Moving forward, there’s no telling what the company is going to do next, and their users are eagerly waiting on standby for further updates. Till then, the software has more users than ever before, and this is more than enough incentive to keep its AI in pristine condition. Even with roaming regulations on the crypto market across the world, Bitcoin Prime reminds traders that there will always be numerous financial opportunities using their services. 

To Close

Once again, the company has exceeded user and market expectations with its most recent updates. The website is a hub of valuable information and market guidance, and its software continues to prove its place in the industry. Some may speculate how long the software will provide solid returns but considering its success rate of over 99%, I don’t see the company making a wrong turn any time soon.

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