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Suspenders for men are back in style- Check out our Top 10 choices!

by Radhe Gupta
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The fashion world is dynamic and everyday people dabble in different fashion choices to get a new attractive look. Suspenders for men, although deemed old-school, have made a comeback in the fashion industry and are amongst the top current fashion choices for men. 

Why suspenders for men are back in style

When seeking fashion, people go for many aspects such as affordability and versatility. Suspenders are of different types based on colors, width, clip-on, and button-on.

Suspenders for men can be worn for different occasions and they bring out a casual look as well as an official look depending on users’ choice. Suspenders are also customizable to meet different proportion requirements. Moreover, suspenders for men are colorful and add attractiveness to the users.

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What are the different ways to wear suspenders?

Bringing out the best looks depends on how the person chooses to style them. For you to attain a more stylish look when wearing suspenders, you should choose suspenders for men that have a looser fit. If you love the button on suspenders, find trousers that have buttons for easy fit.

Top 10 suspender choices

Explained below are the 10 top suspenders for men brands you will find today.

Albert Thurston

These are described as modern adjustable suspenders that have been produced in England since 1820. They have been worn by celebrities like James Bonds.

Historical Emporium

These suspenders for men are known for their vintage look and are made of traditional materials. Their style includes braces that are made of braided leather.

JJ Suspenders

JJ Suspenders include leather braces and skinny designs made of cotton, leather, or polyester. They also have loops and clips for fastening.

The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar suspenders for men are of many tastes and multiple color schemes. They are pocket-friendly since they are often retailed at a discount. Their straps are made of silk or wool.

Charles Tyrwhitt

These suspenders for men are limited in selection. They have good quality and offer value for users’ money. They are made of both clips and loops and their straps are made of polyester and elastodiene.

Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser suspenders for men are of English craftsmanship. They come in different colors and are made of different materials such as nylon and cotton. The luxurious versions are made from lightweight silk.


Indochino suspenders are also known as suspenders Custom Trousers since you can wear them with custom made trousers. 


Suitsupply suspenders have non-elastic straps and are mostly made of leather. They have good quality fasteners and they can be found in black and navy-blue colors.

Rampley & Co

These are handmade suspenders for men that are made with old-fashioned adjustments and are regarded as countryside style.  Their straps are made of cotton, wool, and box cloth.

Howes & Curtis

Howes & Curtis suspenders are fashionable and have unique designs. They are not expensive. These suspender strap materials are polyester and cotton.


Suspenders for men are back in style with several options to choose from. So go ahead and start shopping for a pair that suits your wardrobe and personality today!

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