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Trendy Sports Fashion Just In Time For Your Fitness

by Aryan

The trends in activewear sets are always changing and they tend to make us want to wear everything new that comes out, with the excuse of starting our fitness journeys.  But no matter what, sports fashion trends can be really hard to predict and even a bit confusing, but some trends, like fitness watches, fanny packs, and yoga pants are here to stay. 

The following trends are making an appearance just in time for your fitness journey to start. If you decide to follow any or even all of them, enjoy them and also enjoy your new healthier life and fitness journey that you are about to start or actually continue.


The first trend is wearing clothing that has some flares. If you think about last year’s trends, these were mostly the ones that involved apparel that could be either dressed down or up. While this year’s comfort is still a big priority but what we wore back in the 80s and 90’s also back in style. 

This means that your yoga suits and your yoga pants are most likely to include a lot of flares. In this case, the material will widen below the knee so it creates what you can call a bell bottom. Lately, this is also something very popular when it comes to loungewear. We are sure most companies will provide us with more comfortable but more fashionable clothing, especially leggings. 


Another trend is one-pieces for sure. While matching sets, like any lovely sports bra and shorts set from Cosmolle, have been what we can consider the most popular athleisure pieces in the past years, the unitards and once pieces are rising in popularity. 

These one-pieces or bodysuits, are usually sold in monochrome colors, like black, pastel blue, or even neon green, and can be worn by actually any gender, which is great. They are probably going to remind you of the leotards the fitness instructors wore in their workout videos back in the 80s. 


Being eco-friendly is an amazing trend and practice that we should continue supporting and it is becoming more and more important. To be honest, more and more brands should be more environmentally conscious and take more decisions that benefit our planet. 

Did you know that over 75% of the customers that are considered Gen Z believe that sustainability should be a crucial business characteristic? Of course, this means a lot for the fashion industry since most brands produce fast fashion, which is the practice of mass producing, distributing, and then rapidly discarding styles and clothing. 

This is sadly not good for the environment, because this type of fashion quickly ends up as waste and this creates carbon emissions that are massive. Thankfully, more brands are turning to eco-friendly alternatives… some of these alternatives include materials to make the apparel, where and how they have been sourced, and it gets to the point of how they end up packaged, handled, and shipped. 


Of course, this is expensive and changes can obviously take some time, the best thing everyone can do, from brands to consumers is to educate themselves and take into consideration the customer needs and of course our earth.

So all of these trends are beaming and providing benefits not only for those who simply enjoy fashion, or love mixing fashion and fitness and want to look good while working out can follow all these trends, and the best thing is that some of them are really good for our planet. 

Make sure to incorporate these trends and ideas into your new routine, whether it is your fitness routine or if you simply want to look good while doing it, or simply lounge or have the best time with your friends. 

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