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Is PayPal a Good Place to Buy and Sell Bitcoin?

by Radhe Gupta
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Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular with each passing day. Cryptocurrencies are currencies that are not controlled by the governments of any country, but rather by a network of computers. Bitcoin is one of the most common cryptocurrencies in use today, and PayPal recently announced they would begin accepting Bitcoin payments on their website!

This blog post will discuss how to accept Bitcoin payments using PayPal so you can take advantage of this exciting new technology.

Cryptocurrency on PayPal

PayPal has over 450 million users and it’s easy to see why. One of the most popular uses for crypto is buying items from select stores with cryptocurrencies as payment. But experts recommend against doing this, rather holding the crypto may yield profits in the long run.

Trading Bitcoin on PayPal

Crypto sell and purchase on PayPal is a straightforward process, with some differences from the traditional invest in cryptocurrency.

  • You can buy crypto from PayPal by setting up an account. If you already have a PayPal account, all it takes to purchase coins is clicking the “crypto” button in your wallet and selecting which currencies or tokens you would like for sale with them!
  • PayPal has made it easier than ever to invest in cryptocurrency! You can now purchase four types of crypto on the app: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH.
  • Most experts recommend sticking with bitcoin or Ethereum if you’re just starting out as an investor since they offer more return for your money compared to others.
  • Plus, these cryptocurrencies will be less volatile too so there’s less risk involved with these two.
  • PayPal is a popular way to exchange money between users. You can use your linked debit card or bank account for purchases.
  • As with other crypto exchanges, PayPal charges fees for crypto sell and purchases. However, the cost varies depending upon how much of either currency type (BTC vs USD) that’s being transferred.
  • There is a difference between buying cryptocurrency through PayPal and other crypto exchanges. When you purchase crypto through an exchange, you can transfer it to a wallet for secure storage, or to another person. While with PayPal you can not transfer to any other account; whether on or off the platform.
  • You have to redeem the crypto for money in order to make a withdrawal.
  • You will have to deal with taxation upon withdrawal.

Should You Purchase Bitcoin Via PayPal?

More than 29 million online shoppers use PayPal, so this new move makes it much easier for companies and individuals who accept bitcoin cash as a payment method because now people have another way of converting those coins into fiat currencies like dollars or euros without having any issues when checking out!

The ability to buy Bitcoin is a major advantage, but the limiting factor maybe people’s lack of understanding and access.

On PayPal, the seller of bitcoin is essentially selling you the chance to trade it for another currency.

And remember: if something goes wrong with your purchase, PayPal will not let you withdraw or send out any funds from their platform!

Because you can’t remove your coins from the platform, nor send them anywhere in order for there to be an exchange made between buyer and seller.

It is almost as though one were purchasing an option on Bitcoin itself rather than owning actual bitcoins themselves!

Similar to other options contracts- which means that if this analogy goes through (and who knows?) then we could stand either gaining or losing quite some money depending upon how things play out here too -the potential profit greatly depends not only on what other people are doing but also where fiat currencies might come into play over time due to inflation.


Crypto trade on PayPal is a straightforward process, with some differences from a bitcoin. You can buy cryptocurrency through your PayPal account.

The difference between buying cryptocurrency through PayPal and other crypto exchange sites is that when you purchase cryptocurrencies on an exchange site there are more opportunities to transfer the currency to another person rather than being stuck on the platform.

When purchasing Bitcoin via PayPal users will not be able to withdraw funds but instead must redeem their Cryptos for money so they can make withdrawals compliant with taxation laws.

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